Friday, February 1, 2008

Super Fast

I was bored on wednesday, and out of work-accessible reading material, and done with (read: still procrastinating) any urgent actual work work, so I started reading some back issues of a few of my favorie blogs. It was pretty cool to go review things that I remember reading when I first found their sites, but I was still in my 40's or 50's, so any of the endgame info was interesting to read, but most of the content was lost on me. Going back and reading some archives was pretty cool.

I went back and found this article from Big Bear Butt, and he mentioned the joys of flying super fast with the 10% bonus from the Riding Crop.

Oh yeah. That ole thang. I don't know why I never got one. I've been just scraping around on my 3% Carrot on a Stick from back in my Zul Farrak days.

Looked on AH, and only one was listed and it was about 150g which is too rich for my blood.

So I looked at the mats. Most of the stuff was listed at reasonable prices, but a stack of Heavey Knothide Leather was listed for next to nothing. Ding. Bought that puppy up, mailed 4 over to Amava, and then relisted the remaining 16. Nearly paid for the entire crop with that little move.

Switched to Amava, found a guild leatherworker, and was off and flying super fast. It really is pretty cool, I wish I had made the move sooner.

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