Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Secret to Guaranteed Loot Upgrades

You want better loot? You got equipment that you're just waiting to get your hands on? Sure, you're running the right dungeons for boss drops, and you're grinding the right factions for rep rewards, you're farming the right mats for craftables.

But the gear you want just feels so slow in coming.

Whether its the random boss drops, or strangely inattainable faction currencies (read: Apexis Crystals), or that silly crafting random number generator that just won't give you a skill point for that yellow recipe, no matter how many stacks and stacks of mats you're throwing at it, or that 5-man crew who normally farms heroics that suddenly brain farts and cant even scrape up a single badge in a night of hammering away.

Just seems that something is keeping you away from your beautiful loot.

Well, I've got the secret for you...

Invest in your current gear. Heavily. The moment you've dumped a pile into a piece of gear you're looking to replace, that's exactly the moment the stars will align and get you the real upgrade you're looking for.

It really is that easy.

Case Study: The Crystalline Crossbow.

Having hit Exalted with Ogri'la, I want my Crystalline Crossbow, as its a nice upgrade over my Sky-Fire Hawk Bow, despite being a drop slow for my taste, and amount of haste (sorry, I couldn't resist).

But those damn Apexis Crystals felt so unattainable.

In a parallel stream of activities, my engineering friend recently got the schematic for Stabilized Eternium Scope off of Attumen. Only issue is that getting him to 375 skill level takes mass quantities of Adamantite, Eternium, and Khorium. So farming we went, yadda yadda yadda, he's at 375.

Cool, 1 scope, pls!!!! Thank you, drive thru.

Now the question: sitting there with my still-unequipped scope in hand, I'm in a quandry over how long it'll take me to get the 4 Apexis Crystals needed for the new crossbow. Do I apply the scope for a phat crit upgrade to my current kit, or do I sit on it and then apply to new xbow, if/when it arrives? Although I farmed all the mats other than one of the Star of Elunes, so in effect the cost is negligible, the opportunity cost of the mats is worth somewhere around 400g. And, sure, the gold is no problem, but a girl's got to have her principles of spending, or else she'll be broke in no time.

Clock ticking down towards Saturday night's Kara run...in the back of Amava's mind is the Warlock who's getting better and better and nearly beating her out on overall damage output for a Kara run (although its those damn AOE packs of dinner guests that make the difference. Grr, /scream for buff to Volley, lol. I still pwn on boss fights)....Amava gets impulsive and click, roughly 1.25% increase to crit rating. Outstanding. Gimme Gimme Gimme. Kara run goes even better, 1.25% of which was due to the new scope :-)

Roll forward to Sunday night and my previous post...no Kara run...yes BEM crystal farming...yadda yadda yadda, I've got my Crossbow and find myself farming Eternium Ore again, as I'm still short 7 Fel Steel Bars of a replacement scope, and unless I'm lucky along the way, I'll have to pay for both the Star of Elunes, as they're too rare to wait for 2 to drop off of normal mining activities.

But out of spite, I refuse to pay for the Eterniums. I don't care if I have to buy a Khorium Scope temporarily knowing fully that I'll throw it away, I'm just strange like that. And actually, that sorta fits the theme of this post, and if I do attach a Khorium scope, that'll guarantee that Eternium Ore drops much more frequently. I like it :-)

See, invest heavily in gear you hope to replace, and ye shall replace it.

Is it more proper to say "Star of Elunes" or "Stars of Elune"? Probably the latter, but the former sounds more fun.

And my favorite, my xbow skill is currently 1 (one). Yep, never equipped a crossbow yet. I suppose I'll have to do some homework before Tuesday's kara run. Maybe combine Eternium farming with ranged skill up'ing.

Disclaimer: Past results to not guarantee future performance.

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