Friday, February 8, 2008

Now I Remember Why I Put Up With This Crap

Taking down a new boss. Such pure bliss.

Are you decked out in T6 gear? Does your guild grind Gruul on a regular basis? Do you farm Kara to grind out 22 badges in a single sitting?

Well, I'm not, and I don't, so don't laugh :-) ......

Wednesday night, in a guild first, we took down Moroes, and I gotta tell ya....what a treat.

Basically, the team did an amazing job. We decided to kill one guest, trap one guest, and shackle the other two. Using our DPS Druid in tanking gear, he tanked the first guest, and then as my second trap thawed out, he tanked that guy as we burned him down. We kept the two shackles alive until after Moroes was dead. Our two warriors tanked Moroes himself, and our Rogue was the unfortunate soul chosen to stand right on top of the boss and take the blindings.

On the first try, we left the Druid in DPS gear and he couldn't hold aggro and we wiped. Second time, he switched gear and everything clicked perfectly.

What a rush!!! It totally reminded me why I've been working all these months to get the team together and ready.

He dropped some leather gear that actually would have been a decent DPS upgrade for me, but I decided to pass and let the Druid and Rogue roll for it. The more well-rounded we can get the team's damage output to be, the better off we'll be. I'm a progression whore, not a loot one.

Then on to Maiden. Even clearing the trash to Maiden was fun. We misjudged a pull or two so had to get creative, and those ladies in that hallway hit hard and have massive health.

Couldn't get Maiden to go down. Got her to 24% though, so that's pretty sweet for our first try. We'll figure that biznitch out and take her Badges soon.

On to some performance analysis...

Taking away a lesson from a post by Pelides that very day, I was as aggressive as possible with Bestial Wrath, my Bladefist's Breadth attack power trinket, and Rapid Fire (well, I'm still a bit sloppy with the Rapid Fire, but the other two were going nicely), using them any time the cooldown was up, on trash, bosses, whatever. And sadly, Pel has decided to focus on RL and stop WoW'ing. I say "sadly" because I'll miss his nice posts, and also his comments here and on other blogs, but I think it's a good move and not "sad" at all.

As a result, my personal DPS was up by a nice little chunk. Here's the WWS report, starring Amava in the role of Rhea "Pearlman". I was very pleased to see my own DPS at 739 for the Moroes death, and also our total party DPS at 2303. Additionally, I liked the overall distribution of damage output a little better than other nights, with three really solid contributions, and a Druid who self-lessly took a reduction in his personal DPS and tanked for us when needed, and a Rogue who took the blindings.

Its a pleasure to work with a team like that.

I didn't miss a shot the whole night, which means my 124 hit rating with Warp Burgers for trash and 144 hit rating with Spicy Hot Talbuk for bosses is working nicely.

Looking at the Moroes death, I had a near perfect 1:1 ratio of damage from Auto:Steady Shots. And overall, Cringer (aka Aristocat) did 31% of my damage output.

Strangely though, my crit% when raid buffed was somewhere in the 24% range, but the report shows me at 15-16% actual crits against Moroes when we took him down. I wonder?

I can't wait for the reset to try the boss out again.

EDIT: in another "sad" note, One Among Many also posted today about retiring from WoW. Its contagious.

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Beledona said...

When you pop Rapid Fire, be careful that the increased speed doesn't mess up your 1:1 Auto:Steady rotation. I usually save RF for when my frame rate goes below 5, and drop Steady in favor of Arcane and Multishot.