Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dos Equis

...because Tres Eppis sounded like a strange title

In a beautiful move, Amava acquired three epic pieces of gear on Tuesday. And the real and true beauty, none of them were subject to the whims of the Tiki God of Pseudo Random Numbers.

You start off with a run in Kara. Ding Honored with Violet Eye. Try to turn in the quest, only to discover that you need to have the blue Violet Signet in your bag to do the turn in. Lol, had to run back through the Pass after the raid, but alas, I now have the epic Violet Signet with its wonderful +22hit. This means I can pretty much eliminate all +hit gems and replace them with +agi, +crit, +ap, or whatever. I started going through the process of mapping out my gem choices but fell asleep, so I'll have to do that before Wednesday's Kara run. The net effect is going to be pretty huge though.

Next up on the agenda, I decided to stop the analysis paralysis and just f-ing do it. I went to the floating crystal vendor thingie in Shatt and forked over 25 of my Badges of Justice and made my first badge purchase....Ring of Arathi Warlords. I was holding out on the purchase because I was stuck in this endless thought loop of trying to figure out which of the badge purchases would give me the biggest impact over my current gear, while not also being threatened by the potential for conflicting with possible boss drops that might or might not appear in the semi-near future. I went crosseyed, smacked the side of my head, and bought the damn ring. Lovely stuff.

Amava loves her new purple fingers. You'd think she was born in February and loves the color of her birthstone.

Once all that was sorted out, I went to finish up some dailies before the sun came up and the server's day reset. Off to Skettis to bomb the h3ll out of their unhatched yoots. What's that word you just said? What's a yoot? Oh, I'm sorry...youths. That's right. And I "splurged" on a new trinkey...Skyguard Silver Cross. I figured "why not?" Got some advice from some nice readers that would indicate that its a nice little item to have around. I wore it while doing the Netherwing Mine quests. The jury is still out. It replaced the Bladefist's Breadth. SSC gives you a random attack power increase after battle, while BB gives you the ability to control via on use for a smaller attack power boost. I do like the control of BB, as you can proc it when you get into a jam. Who knows, I'll have to give it a couple of days.

I'll have to finish off my gemming on wednesday so I can see the true impact that all this new gear had, but it's looking pretty nice.

And more beauty, I had a couple of auctions sell for prices I really didnt expect to sell, so the fancy gems won't really hurt the overall savings progress. Mo' Money!

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