Thursday, February 28, 2008

So I says, "F It"

Set out farming for Eternium. Need lots of that for the 12 Fel Steel bars for my new Stabilized Eternium Scope, for my new Crystalline Crossbow.

Of course, my skill level is 1 at the time, so there's a lot of missed shots in my future.

Looking at the Khorium Scope on the AH that I could buy, knowing full well that it'll get replaced the moment I get my last piece of Eternium Ore, I began to think of my Guaranteed Loot Upgrade philosopy. Investing in that scope will no doubt feed the Tiki God of Pseudo Random Numbers, and cause an increased drop rate of Eternium.

So I says, "F It"

Attached the disposable Khorium Scope and went out into Terokkar Forrest to farm minerals and miss mobs.

Fired and missed lots, quickly earned a few hundred skill points. Got to the point where I was actually hitting more than missing, so I head on over to Netherwing Ledge hoping to do the quests in the mines where I'll be shooting at lvl 70 and 71 mobs, which will hopefully give the higher skill points more readily.

Got to 340 in the cave.

Head up to Skettis to farm some lvl 70 Warp Fleshes. A couple more skill points. At 347 I got bored. Points are coming pretty slowly now.

So I says, "F It"

Dr. Boom, here I come. I wanted to avoid him, as its a bit of a cheep move to skill up on his immobile @ss, but oh well, the count down to my Kara run is ticking, and I've got a bunch of RL good stuff to take care of first (mmmm, pan-fried Aldi's steaks), and I really don't want to go in there non-maxed out.

Stand on a barrel and fire away. And fire away, and fire away. Rapid fire, Improved Aspect of the Hawk shot speed procs, weaving in as many special shots as my mana'll allow.

348, 349. Ok, come on, stupid last point. Just ding already, will ya.

The RL dog is getting anxious to go play in the snow, cuz it's blizzarding outside. Lol, its also Blizzarding inside too, but my pup doesn't like computers. Other than The Daily Puppy!

So I says, "F It"

I put on my boots and snowsuit, with the intention of AFK Auto-Shotting my way through the last point. Now we're really getting into cheep moves :-)

And you know the physiological effect that equipping a full snow suit has on the human pee-pee system? You betcha, it proc'd, so I gotta go take care of that.

Ok, lemme just hit one last Rapid Fire before I head outside.

Ding 350.

On the flight back to Shatt City, flying with Track Minerals enabled on the mini-map...

Ding last Eternium Ore. I guess the sacrificial Khorium Scope did the trick because the rare Eternium Ore was a bit more like medium well done, they were dropping all over the place.

Ding new Scope.

So I says, "F It"

And head off to Deadwind Pass.

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