Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fun in the BEM

Brain dump time...title was gonna be "Fum in the BEM" to try to play off of "Fun in the Sun" but then I realized that "fum" and "bem" really don't rhyme, so then the title was gonna be "Fum in the BUM" or "Fem in the BEM", neither of which made any sense at all, but both have some strange perv aspect to them, so there. A little too much info about the insanity that is Amava's Post Title Generator Altorithm.

So, to wrap up some old business, for the one of you out there who really cares about my personal well-being, and the two others who mildly care...after spending nearly a whole day stranded in Washington Dulles airport, tired, cranky, smelly, body aching all over, greazy, I did indeed get a flight back home, and made it just in time to get a quick nap and then go to see the Blue Man Group show, which was outstanding, btw.

Ok, on to the good stuff...

I want a Crystalline Crossbow. I've got all the required rep and shards, but I'm short 4 Apexis Crystals. How the F do you collect those?

First one is to kill all 4 summonable dragons in Blade's Edge Mts, and then report in to a Sky Guard guy and tell him that the cloak you got is crap, just plain garbage. Really let him have it and yell at him how much you dislike him, his family, and his back-slot handouts. He'll ask you if you're sure a couple of times, and then exchange the cloak for a crystal. He's cool like that. My little adventure in the airport yielded me one of these cloaks, so the first crystal was nailed.

Next up, sunday night. Guild Kara run. Only 6 of the team were on, and our rule is 7 or bust. Not wanting to let the group fizzle entirely, we talk it over, and just about everybody's got some sort of group needs up in BEM. Sweet. First on the agenda, 4 dead dragons. In a blinding flash of the obvious, the fights are much more straightforward when you've got a healer, lol. Although one of the dragons did fling our mage off a cliff to her death :-(, but it was funny enough to be worth it.

Then we went up to the Forge Camp just to the north of Ogri'la. Took us a little while to figure out which of the "click-able" thingies up there would summon what we wanted. Cleared lots of trash that wanders around the area, including some GIANT pig dogs.

Wham, wham wham. Wham. 4 dead boss guys. Me and our warlock split the apexis crystals.

Ding 4 crystals. Ding new crossbow.

And the ogres near by all provided generous praise for my having learned how to work the whole process. I really do love how the Ogres over there treat you, by far the best factional reaction for Exalted people that I've seen.

Then we tried playing the group simon says game, royally messed up, but still managed to summon the Guardian guy, and spank him down. Funny to watch a guy up there doing the solo simonsays daily, and then this giant boss summons and he runs for the hills, scared. Horde :-P Then a party mate dinged some next level of rep, making him eligible for that same quest, so we went and did it again.

Lots of fun up in BEM.

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