Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Friday Night Dungeons

Friday nights are turning into Heroic Fests, and this past friday was no exception (although this coming friday has better stuff in store).

Normally a tale of triumph and domination (*) by a small band of players newly able handle some Heroic content, today's edition is painfully different.

To start off, the daily Heroic was Sethekk Halls. I haven't been there in ages (normal or heroic) so why not pay a visit and listen Ikiss QQ about trinkets for a little while.

Got in a group with some guildies, only 1 of whom I've run with before. Wiped on first pull. Examine the combat log and see that the tank is most definitely critable, and the dps for the team was being done 64% by a single player and "her" beautiful pet. Ok, what's one pull? Lets get back in there. Struggle along, but make progress, and my contribution to the DPS meter gets closer to 59% of party damage, while trapping.

Then the disgusting happens. My internet dies. Reboot computer. Nope. Reboot router, cable modem, other computer. Nope. Call cable company, sit on hold contemplating jumping onto any one of 6 unsecured wireless networks near me. Nah, that's not my bag, baby.

Cable company says, "oh, my bad, here you go" and they do something because it turned on immediately. I ask what happened, she gave some random sounding jumble of words. I didn't push the issue, anxious to get back on.

Needless to say, in the 30 minutes of downtime, the party disbanded. They were still on, and when I tried to get the party back together, two said they had to log now anyway. Why were you starting a dungeon with me when you had to log in 45 minutes to begin with? Whatever.

Get a group together, made up of some more familiar team members. Head back into Heroic Sethekk Halls. Clear with no issue up to the first boss. The guy who's got 4 waves of 4 elementals.

Utter frustration. 6 or 7 wipes. We just couldn't do it. Talk about a crushing blow to the ego. But probably good to be humbled. No stinking badges though.

Head up to Arcatraz to get a guildie his key fragment.

Then on over to Black Morass to get his key. I still like BM because its so different from other instances, although at one point our tank was gathering up trash and brought back roughly 30 crocs/spiders/jaguars. Our other big DPS'er died nearly istantly due to AoE'ing and aggroing like 20 of the mobs. I turned into a killing machine, and then everybody but me died, and with 3 mobs left, my pet died. I wing clipped, froze, concussed those bastards, killed 2 and then died on the last one :-( Pretty funny though.

Warlock who was blowing the Damage Meters away disconnected on portal 11. Shield was at 100% still, so I switched from adds over to the portal bosses. Fried them into the ground in a 4-man effort, and short one chrono beacon. Warlock re-connected right as the final boss showed up, just in time. Actually kept the shield at 100% for the entire encounter which was a first, and a matter of some pride as we even did it with our 4-man stint.

And end the night with yet another hugely under geared, under enchanted DPS guildie keyed and no team to place him on, as DPS recruiting is still outpacing Healer recruitment, despite the 2 remaining guild officers' best advices to the GM. Ah, well. Its actually been a cool place of late, so I'll stay away from the QQ bug.

* Ok, so "dominate" is a stretch, but we've been able to get through many heroics, one inch, one pull, one wipe, one badge (or seven) at a time.

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