Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I got ya badges, right here

I think it might be time to spend some money, and some BADGES!!!!

Not sure though, so I'll remain indecisive, tyvm.

As you can see from the chart to the right (if you're viewing the site directly and not via RSS), the gold's flowing in nicely, from a combination of daily questing and sales of stuff I gather. Plus the beautiful trash items that you pickup during a run through the Netherwing Ledge mine.

I'm now torn between throwing my savings goal a curve ball by spending a boat load of cash.

The most immediate places I can spend dough on are some improved gems and a fancy leg armor kit. I still wear a bunch of the gems that sell for about 2g. I can upgrade these to the gems that sell for 35-45g. Two problems with this...(1) that 40g difference typically bumps you only a little bit such as +6agi for 2g or +8agi for 40g, and (2) by upgrading some of my +hit gems, I'd be able to then eliminate some of the other +hit gems and still remain Spicy Hot Talbuk-hit capped. #2 would require sitting down and planning these gems out which I lack the patience for right now. My WoW time that's not spent in-game goes to the blog or to a pet project I've got brewing, some what along the lines of the savings tracker chart.

The fancy leg armor that provides +50 attack power and +12 crit are going for roughly 450g (anecdotal evidence only, I haven't personally seen one). So that 450g would give me 10 aditional AP and 2 additional crit points. Ouch. But I did just get these nice new pants, so maybe they're worth the big bucks.

Why do they make it so confusing :-)

Then on to my badges. A full clear of Heroic Slave Pens on monday night left me with 25 Badges of Justice, which means I can actually buy something if I want, or choose to keep saving for the bigger items.

For 25 badges, I can get a ring or a cloak. Of the two, the ring looks like it gives me the biggest bonus. I'm thinking it'll be better to buy now, rather than save for a 41 or 60 badge item, with the motivation being that with improved stats, future badges will be a drop more accessible, and thus will come in faster. Probably faulty logic, and hugely depends upon the rest of the team subscribing to the same school of thought, but bah, I wants me some more epics.

In fact, I want to see how many purples I can be wearing before I replace my green boots.

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