Thursday, February 14, 2008

Scope or Listerine?

Tuesday night. Fresh Kara instance. Guild team forms up at the stone a little early. In what is becoming our little ritual, Amava starts up a cooking fire and we all gather round and people trade mats over to the cooks and we fry up our buffs. And Amava forks over some Netherbloom and vials to the enchanter and he mixes up some mana oils, and we make sure all the healers get some, plus any DPS'ers if there's leftovers. And we all watch the PvP'ers pound on eachother. And then we buff up and get ready to rock.

First pull goes off nearly right at the scheduled time, despite a little extra discussions over raid party composition.

Clear out the stables without fuss. Perhaps 2 deaths and no wipes up to Attumen.

One shot Attumen and his b1tch @ss trick of a ride, Midnight. Even though its a basic and easy fight, its great to see the coordination of the team and the confidence of the tanks. I was happy with my performance on the boss fight, most notably mana management. Not perfect, but I remembered to hit a mana pot as early as was reasonable, which allowed the cooldown to be up again before the fight was over. Also got to fire off a Bladefist's Breadth, Bestial Wrath, Rapid Fire, and switch to Aspect of the Viper to mana regen while pounding away. In retrospect, I'm thinking that saving Bestial Wrath would have been a good idea, since it gives you reduced mana cost for special shots, but whatever, it was fun to watch.

A nice necklace dropped that we gave to the rogue in an ongoing effort to even out the DPS distribution among the team. He showed much joy.

My favorite, the schematic for the Stabilized Eternium Scope and its +28 crit wonder dropped, and our tank/engineer happily took it.

Cleared up the back steps to Moroes. Wiped a couple times on him. Just couldn't figure out how to kill off the guests fast enough. Last week when we took him down, we had a DPS druid who put on tank gear and tanked the first two adds for us. This time, we didn't have that luxury. Tried pet tanking, dead in maybe 2 or 3 shots. Tried holy paladin tanking, lol. Not pretty. Oh well, we'll figure something out for wednesday and serve Moroes up some of of his own guests.

A nice and fun 2 hours.

After the run, I excitedly ask the engineer if he's got a minute so I can grab the mats for the scope.

He says he's got time, but we'll have to wait for him to hit 375 skill before he can learn the recipe.

Ok, what're you at right now? Let me know what'll skill you up and we can farm mats for it.



This is the guy I've been shoveling hundreds of metal bars, piles of Khorium, motes, you name it. Two other crafters in the party even passed on a Primal Nether in a heroic run the other day, just so he could craft an epic pair of goggles. Now, mind you, if he's crafting equipment that helps him skill up, or tank better, I do this completely freely, without spite or resentment or any thoughts of ever expecting or accepting repayment. He's a great guy, fun to play with, does a good job tanking, on and on with the kudos.

but 267!!!!!!


So, after all these thoughts pass through me, and I take a short little walk around the house to cool off, tell the GF that the scope I had been happy-chicken-dancing about earlier would actually have to wait for quite some time, and I come back to the computer and notice that someone else in the raid put in text chat "267 or 367?" nice and simple.


Deadly Silence.

Then a chuckle in his south Texan accent, "oh yeah, 367, my bad".


That makes a bit more sense. I can cancel my trip to Dallas, having only packed a baseball bat and some brass 'nucks.

So now its time to farm mats up for a pile of Field Repair Bots to level that bad boy up and get my scope.

Not to mention that the scope takes massive quantities of refined mined ores (MQoRMO), which I actually have enough crapola stockpiled to craft the scope, with only spending money on one Star of Elune and a couple of leathers. w00t.

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