Thursday, February 28, 2008

Getting Medieval Creative on Moroes

Moroes. For a group new to Kara and 10-man raids, that is still pretty much under-geared, specifically in the DPS ranks, and still getting the hang of how a larger variety of classes complement eachother, this is a tricky fight.

Pressure on your healers increases more and more as the fight wears on due to Garottes.

But to even get to that high-pressure phase of the fight, you've got to be able to control and kill some or all of the 4 guests.

So far, the only successful strat my team has been able to use is...

1) Two tanks stay at the tippy-top of Moroes' threat table.

2) A melee-dps'er stands directly on top of Moroes to absorb the Blind effect. (note: I'm not sure if this is necessary when you've got the two tanks on the top of the threat, but we do it anyways, at worst, it just lessens the DPS of that one player as he's trying hard to stay on top of the very mobile Moroes).

3) Two of the guests get Shackled. Although we've got no proof or evidence, the general impression of those performing the shackles is that the female guests stay shackled better and the males break out easily (perhaps due to that one lady who can break her friends out of shackle), so we tend to give a priority to shackling the females.

4) Hunter traps one guest, while the DPS'ers try to fry the last guest. Given our DPS levels, it usually takes 2 traps before the skull is dead and we are ready to kill the turkey.

5) For killing the skull and turkey, we have a third tank handle the tanking (duh). This has typically been a hybrid player, such as a non-prot warrior, or a DPS druid wearing some limited tanking gear.

6) Once the unshackled guests are dead, we DPS Moroes down, followed by his last two guests.

This strategy is pretty restrictive on our raid composition, in that we need that third tank, which is not always accessible to us, and also, by removing that tanking player from doing real strong DPS, we also tend to be more successful when we only have 2 healers, replacing the third healer with a DPS player.

WoWWiki page on Moroes offers up a suggestion that if you only have 2 tanks, you have the main tank focus on Moroes, and the off-tank can BOTH tank one of the adds (staying top on the guest's threat table) AND whack Moroes enough to stay 2nd on the boss's threat table. Makes sense, but I've never seen this done, and it sounds tricky.

Putting on my creative hat, I'm trying to find ways to be more flexible in there and still spank him. Without really proposing dropping players and replacing them with differrnt ones. Sure, we'll get to that someday if we cant become successful, but I'd like to first try to solve the problem assuming no dramatic staffing changes.

One option is to have me chain-trap a guest for longer, perhaps the whole fight. Given the width of the room, there's definitely enough room to trap pretty much indefinitely. This would gimp my DPS a bunch, so until such time as we have much more balanced DPS contributions from the full team, I think we need to avoid that.

Another option would be for me to swap out my Kitty for a tanking pet, and have him tank the Guests. I'm not sure how well a pet can do that job. I suppose only one way to find out, as I do still have my bear who's around level 47 or so, or a Boar who's pretty close to 70. And spend his talent points very heavy on the stamina, armor, and appropriate resists for the Moroes fight. Growl, FTW!!! This would also gimp my DPS, but perhaps a reasonable tradeoff?

The only other tweak to the current team that I can think of is to break up our healing corps. Currently 2xHoly Priest, and a Holy Paladin. Maybe re-spec the pally to Retribution? Then he can provide some healing assistance as necessary, provide DPS in general, and then, maybe, just maybe, he can be the tank for the guests? I've never run with a lvl 70 Retribution Paladin, so I'm not familiar with how well they can tank.

The normal party breakdown is:
2xProt Warrior (main and off tanks)
2xHoly Priest (heals)
1xHoly Paladin (heals, lol)

Hunter (me :-)

Where the Rogue and Holy Paladin are the two spots that most often get sub'ed in for when we try something different, or when they can't make it to the raid.

Any thoughts? How do you guys handle Moroes? Or more importantly, how did you handle him when you were kara noob?


Fred said...

Hi, love your blog, first time posting a comment tho.
On monday I had my first run in Kara with my guild, it was also the first run of a few others in the group too. We actually finished BM to key two of them right before we started. I am the Main Tank of the group, a protection warrior.
I think we did pretty well for a first run, we killed Attuman in one shot, fairly easy and no stress fight too.
We took out Moroes in two attempt, we wiped on the first while figuring out what to do and doing a silly mistake.
We tried Maiden but only got her down to 70%, most of the group had never fought her so it was a learning experience.

Here is the group we ran:
MT - Prot Warrior (me)
OT - Prot Paladin
Healers : 2 resto shamans
Destruction Warlock
Shadow Priest
Combat Rogue
Frost Mage
Enh Shaman
Feral druid

What we did for Moroes.
I solo tank Moroes the whole fight, but I do so in the consecration aura of the Paladin as he tanks the guests.
We had 1 shackle on that the Shadow Priest would watch and keep up as much as possible.
While there are more than 1 guest to fight, the feral druid was in bear to help tank, and switched cat when there was only 1 to fight.
By tanking Moroes in the consecration, the Paladin was the second on the threat meter for him. That way when I was stunned he would go after the Paladin and I would pick him back up after.
The second attempt went extremely well, no worries at any time. And he dropped the purple plate tank belt that I won.

Maiden is another story tho. :)

Thramesh from TrollBane

Mosshoof said...

With all those Shamans, you should have somewhat less trouble than my group (with one, if we PUG a couple of spots; or, more usually, none at all.)

One the totems a Shaman can drop will apparently dispell / prevent one of Maiden's debuffs. The shaman we had with us last week said that "two shamans on Maiden make her easy". (One in each group).