Friday, February 15, 2008

Gemmin it up on the Barry Gibbs Gem Show

Wanna blow some gold? Go on a gem binge.

I decided that I was done fartin around with these silly 2g gems, and its high time Amava polished her gear and put some of that pile of dubloons to use.

The name of the game is Delicate Living Ruby, and the nice +8 agi boost you get. A Beast Master's favorite Valentine's Day jewel, they really bring out the red glow of Bestial Wrath nicely.

However, what's a girl to do when the AH only has 2 DLR's listed, but her gear could benefit from 6 of them? When Amava finally gets off her ass and makes a decision to do something, well, she pretty much wants it DONE. NOW.

Except for when it comes to getting high level professional assistance from other players in WoW.

If you recall, it took me quite a while to locate a receptive enchanter who had Savagery. Poo poo on that, good thing I like the +35 agi enchant now :-P Of course, now that I don't want it, I know about 10 savagerists.

Then there's the little fun with my Engineer buddy from the other day. We needs us some Khorium for those power cores. Funny how rare Khorium is, but the day I'm actually looking for it, I find three nodes. I won't complain. Still don't have him up to 375 yet, but close, and I've nearly got my pile of Fel Steel ready for scope-making.

And now, jewels. I picked up some Living Rubies from the AH in the hopes that I could find someone to cut them into the Delicate variety for me.

I really wanted to have the four additional gems in place before wednesday's kara run. No JC in the guild was high enough to learn the recipe. Checking back on AH throughout the evening, I eventually found 2 more Delicate Living Ruby. Sent emails to the sellers saying I'd like to commission their services. No responses. Whispers were met like in Amazon Women on th Moon, when Arsenio Hall said "Aint no thelma here". So these crafters logged in for a sec to post their gems, and logged out before I could find them. Probably AH mules, although one of them was 70.

Spent a little time before heading off to Deadwind Pass barking in Trade for a crafter. Nope.

I guess I'll have to resort to the Blizz official forums, and maybe that'll turn up some action.

Right before bed, I found 1 more gem on AH, so I'm now only one stone away from having my gem situation squared away. Then I'll be able to post my before/after stats for the full impact of my Tres Eppis.

And you can see from the chart on the right (if my damn hosting provider could just stay available for 10 solid minutes) what the impact this little Valentine's Day special had on the savings project.

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