Friday, February 8, 2008

No, really, you can have it

Amava's split personality came out wednesday night. A stack of Eternium bars expired on the AH even though I underpriced the market by a bunch. And also a stack of Netherweave Cloth, which NEVER expires when I use the Auctioneer recommended price. This triggered an emotional response that's probably inappropriately extreme, but I don't think any of my teammates cared, and its an example of where my spite turned out nice for others.

To spite the AH, I decided to switch on "help the guildie skill up" mode. I whispered a bunch of guildies who have crafting professions that're not at max skill level, and asked what mats would help them level. If I had any, it went in the mail.

I've got two guild vault tabs chock full of gems, ores (not sure why, but I don't keep Khorium smelted), metal bars, herbs, cloths, disenchanting mats, motes, primals, reputation turn-ins, recipes/formulas/patterns, raw foods, cooked foods. You name it, I got it. In addition to being a gold junkie, I'm also a pack rat who holds onto stuff in the hopes that someday my alts will be able to use it to skill up. Bah.

I sent out hundreds of gold worth of mats and cooked foods. Only stipulation I gave was that (A) the stuff was to be used for skilling up, and (B) if they blabbed, I'd personally hunt them down and slay them. I don't want word getting out that Amava's a sucker. After I was done mailing, it still barely dented my stockpile, lol.

One cool outcome was that our tank is an engineer and he was able to make a field repair bot with some of the mats, so he brought that to Kara later that night. Those things are just plain cool. And I also found out that one of our priests is an Alchemist and has Relentless @ss, so I'll be able to stop blowing 35-40g per flask, and put that pile of Fel Lotus I've been collecting to good use.

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