Monday, February 11, 2008

Stealth Referrals

I noticed the other day that one of my postings about forming up and selecting Kara teams and establishing a raiding schedule got substantially more comments than normal. Also, I casually looked at my SiteMeter icon and it showed a pretty explosive growth in hits in recent history.

Being the rocket scientist that I am, I go check to see who's referring to me and what do I discover?

An article on WoW Insider, highlighting my post and the issue that I present.

So if you came to me through that, thanks for coming, hope you enjoy the read.

If you wrote that article, how's about a heads up? Just an email would suffice :-) Hook a brother up!!! And thanks for the press/links. Pretty cool stuff.

I also found a bunch of other blogs that refer to me, and they were promptly added to my Google Reader, giving me a nice way to blow off a friday at work, getting caught up on their archives.

Not to mention that a few days after I get some increased traffic, I put up my Gold Tracker and for the first day, the image was dead because the hosting service I put the image on died about 25 minutes after I put it up, leaving the image broken the whole day until I saw it and moved it to another host. Ah well.

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