Friday, February 1, 2008

Rested XP + Skinning = Ding

Feeling spiteful from a lousy (IMO) guild meeting the previous night, I refused to log into Amava thursday morning.

So why not play Moodyswinger, as her name, and playstyle were very reflective of my overall emotional state at the time.

Found her parked at the inn in Stonetalon Mts, with about half way to go to 26, fully rested for the whole way. Ok, why not. Started grinding the cats and buck deers (coursers???) nearby. Skinning everything. Barely had to venture out into the pass that has a bunch more of the bucks before I levelled up.

Took maybe a half an hour to go half a level, exclusively grinding mobs that are my level or within two below (and one random 27 that flew over to me, dunno where he came from, but took a little tap dancing between kitty, bear, and caster to get through that, as I was already fighting two 25's when he showed up).

Skinning broke 200, and Leatherworking hit 159.

If only grinding were that much fun on my Priest, I could switch back and forth, burning up rested XP.

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