Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Goose, its time to buzz the tower

Aether Ray Mount

So the fly boys over at the Sha'tari Skyguard are huge fans of the site, or maybe just Amava's flying skills.

I was doing my dailies while we were having the tail end of a guild meeting. I was a tad disgusted with the content of the meeting, and as I glanced down at my action bar, I noticed the stagnant Violet Eye rep progress bar sitting on my screen. As that was only reminding me of my disgust, I switched to my rep screen and looked for a suitable replacement.

Well, lookie here. I'm about a thousand rep away from Exalted with Sha'tari Skyguard.

Very nice. With about 800 or so rep available from 2 quests that were left for the day, I was in good shape. Knock off those two quests, and then start grinding Giant Kaliri and those walking lvl 71 birdmen on the ground in Skettis.

Ding, Exalted.

Lol, I had to look up where the quartermaster is so I could go buy a new car.

Went with red. Not sure why I strayed from purple, as any mount that has a purple option has been chosen in purple. purple (just wanted to say it one more time before the paragraph ended). purple.

Also noticed a cool trinket they sell which gives a nice +crit bonus over Bladefist's Breath, but the secondary bonus it gives you is added attack power when you kill a mob for honor or XP. I'm not sure if that means I have to fire the killing blow, or if anybody in my party can qualify. Might be a decent solo'ing trinket if it has to be me.

So now to figure out how to alter my mounting macro to allow me to mount up on my epic birdie, netherdrake, flying ray, or epic land mount. My current one is too close to the 255 character limit to allow me to use the same technique and add in the ray. Maybe I'll have to address them by bag slot index number to save from typing in those rather large mount names.


Rynakor on Maelstrom said...

This is what I used from a modified but I only have two mounts, I'm assuming you can add another modifier. 4 Mounts on one button, depending on modifier key.

/use [modifier:alt] Name of Mount ; [modifier:ctrl] Name of Mount ; [modifier:shift] Name of Mount ; Name of Mount

Chorius said...

According to thottbot and wowhead it only procs on killing blows, but I've been very happy with it while running heroics and soloing, it seems to proc quite often for me. It's a very nice bonus in boss fights that have adds, take down an add and burst on the boss for a bit.