Friday, February 22, 2008


Its been a week of business-related travel, which would probably be better called "lets see how many unsecured networks Amava can play WoW over".

5 airports, one hotel, all WoW enabled.

How long before my account gets cracked? Who knows, but it was just pure fun to sit in Sea-tac waiting for a changeover, joining up with some guildies in Blade's Edge Mountains and killing some dragons.

We took out all 4 of the summon-able dragons, collecting their scales, and making cloaks. 5 of us, one tank, 4 DPS, no heals. It basically became a game of "kill the tank with the dragon at 5% and then ping-pong aggro until its dead". Tank died each time, poor guy, but we killed each of them in a single shot.

These battles are pretty fun because the dragons run all around, wreak havoc with fears and stuff. I like it. Plus, I had a nice cult following of people watching over my shoulder in the airport. What's more fun, watch boring CNN with no sound on the airport tv, or watch some epic dragon battles with a nerd in a Thundercats t-shirt?

So now I'm sitting in Washington-Dulles, and my plane has been rescheduled 7 times, and now they're saying its gonna be another 2 hours. Sweet. At least I found an outlet so I've got juice and can post this entry and then get back to the Outlands.

And if the 2 hour delay grows anymore, and I miss getting home in time for Blue Man Group tonight, I just might snap. I'll have to become the Big Red Traveller. Watch the national news for more details.

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