Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I got your dinner guests...right here!!!

Moroes can kiss my @ss.

I'm not sure what other guilds or teams new to Kara go through, but as an overall event, Moroes is a big step up in team difficulty over any previous bosses players would normally encounter.

You go from Attumen, who's only real trick is having the off-tank pick up the rider when he first shows up, to a substantially more complex and dynamic environment.

You start out with the dinner guests. Pick 4 out of 6 possible guys, different each week. Gotta control or fry these guys, and they pretty much require tanking to kill. And they hit hard, drain mana, stun, break shackles off of their friends, etc.

Then you've got the 2-tank aggro needs of Moroes himself. Gotta have two tanks as the top two players on the threat table or else you're toast.

Then you've got the blind effect, requiring some poor soul to stand right on top of Moroes and take one for the team.

Then there's the Garrote, really putting the stress on your healers, more and more as the fight wears on.

And the overall duration of the fight requires different mana management techniques than we've ever encountered, making spell/shot/cooldown choices much more sophisticated than earlier fights.

How do start-up teams progress? After Attumen's down, do you go after Maiden or Moroes? Seems that, while also tricky, maybe Maiden would be smarter to go for as she requires much less coordination, other than some melee dancing and fire dispelling?

Well, either way, at least on saturday night it was a moot point, 4 tries, Moroes DEAD!!!!!

Giant Kudos for the priests on the team. We went with only two healers, both Holy Priest. Unbelievable job handling their shackles of 2 of the guests until after Moroes was dead. I froze the other twice while we killed the first guest, and then killed my turkey.

Also, kudos to the DPS warrior who became the tank for the last part of the Moroes fight after our first two warriors were down.

With only two entry-level Kara healers, the Garrotes really caught up with us, and only a couple of us were still alive when Moroes died. Well, technically, we had a Feral Druid who could have whipped out some backup heals if needed, but we decided he'd be the blind guy, based on DPS output at the time.

Overall party DPS was 2055 for the fight. My personal DPS was 795, so I'm definitely digging all the new gear upgrades, and the new scope that made an appearance for its one and only Kara run.

We're making some improvements in the overall climate of performance among the DPS'ers. We've got some mages who're definitely underperforming, partly due to gearing (and spell hit in particular) and partly due to consumable use, and partly due to spell choices (I really can't comment on that one, as I have little knowledge of what most casting classes actually do for a living, and for a hunter, luckily I've got the easiest shot rotation of them all).

Still a big disparity between DPS positions 1 & 2 and then 3,4,5, but hopefully this new attention to enchants and gems and overall gear will at the very least raise the lower bar, if not close the gap, as the guys in 1 & 2 are also continuosly improving as well. w00t!!!!

Feels incredible to take Morose out and make him eat some of his own humble pie.

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