Monday, February 18, 2008

Primal Butters

Primal Butters

For some reason, anytime I hear the plural form of Primal Nether, all I can think of is the South Park character Butters, so the phrase "Primal Nethers" hits my eyes or ears, but my brain receives "Primal Butters". I have absolutely no idea where it came from, other than perhaps the word "nethers" just sounds silly, and that I sometimes watch SP while playing WoW. Go figure.

In other news, Valentine's Day was awesome, good non-WoW fun. As much as I like WoW'ing it up, taking a night off to spend quality time with real people (as opposed to the imaginary people that're really just computer constructs who serve as guildmates) feels great.

That leaves me with little to write about here. So I'll do what I laughed about earlier...and speculate about patch changes.

Supposedly 2.4 will make Primal Butters bind on equip, which will make high-end crafted items more accessible. I like the concept.

Part of me is wishing for a different solution though. Ever since I learned about the 24-slot quiver that takes stacks and stacks of Light Feathers to craft, I learned that I'll need to find a crafter who has the recipe and a Primal Butter she's willing to part with. I've been saving up the feathers, and once I get them all, I was planning on taking a friend who's got the pattern on a run through a heroic that drops a nether, and hope that others are willing to pass on it, or that my crafter wins.

I had in my mind a new type of soulbound called BoC, or Bind on Craft.

BoC would be for items that require Primal Butters, and would kinda behave like soulbound items you want enchanted, using the trade window.

You go farm or use Badges to Purchase a Primal Butter which is BoP, and then you pop the butter into the trade window "not to be traded" and that allows a crafter to use it to craft something that is then instantly bound to the Butter Holder once its crafted.

Personally, I'd like it if all the BoP crafted items were like this, but I suppose that's because I'm not a crafter :-)

While I like the increased accessibility of the mats, I do like that you need to complete the Heroic or Badge-generating content as a small barrier to entry.

Under the 2.4 system, and BoE Butters, all you'll need to do is farm gold and you've got your item.

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