Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Quest Helper, don't leave your hearth-stone'd Inn without it

Earlier in my blogging career (lol, a couple months ago), I got some excellent advice from readers to install two addons that assist with questing: Light Headed and TomTom. LH provides easy access in-game to the wowhead comments about a quest, and TT provides easy to access way-points on your maps to map coords from inside those comments. These have proven to be a nice boost to questing and the efficiency of bouncing from quest to quest without too much extree travel.

Well, step aside LH & TT. My new baby is called Quest Helper. GO GET IT. RIGHT. NOW!!!!

If you've never worked with this puppy, you simpy must try it right now.

It actually makes questing fun. Real and pure fun. And hugely lucrative and efficient.

In a nutshell, it looks through your quest log, and then gives you automatic illustrated waypoints on both your world and mini-maps, tracing the route you should take bouncing from quest to quest, and at appropriate times coming back to turn in quests for credit/next quest in the chain.

But that's not all folks. It also provides a pop-up message when you hover over the way point, telling you what you should be doing when you get to that spot. Perfect for those quests where you have to collect some items that drop off some guys.

Without Quest Helper, you gotta go look up the quest item that you're looking for, look at what guys drop them, and find their location. Well QH gives you an animated flight path directing you to the area, tells you what mobs to kill to get the items you want. Its just simply beautiful.

And if that isn't enough, try running QH with others in a group who also have it installed. The addon will actually communicate and build everybody's quest log into your routing. Its so cool to have it tell you "stop here for your XYZ quest that you and two other guys have, then go here for PDQ quest that just the warlock has, then go here for ABC quest that these three folks have". All easily animated right on your maps, with pop-up windows to help you know what you're killing or looking for.

I just started using it about a week ago, and I think the word REVOLUTIONIZED is not extreme enough to describe how much more fun and lucrative it makes questing. I consider this guy right up there with Auctioneer and Omen as a "killer app" that so dramatically improves WoW, I just love it.


Durgan and Pudding said...

I'll be checking this out tonight, thanks for the tip. Still reading, loving the stories.

Anonymous said...

Linky linkness, please!

Anonymous said...

Dude, this sounds so cool that I'm going to recommend it to the Pox Arcanum team!!