Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rare BoP Drop

Wearing his new goggles, our main tank wanted to show his appreciation for the mats I sent him. I said that the best appreciation will come in the form of taking all those hits from those nasty trashies and bosses in Kara and heroics instead of me.

Insistent on repaying me, we had to get creative, as I don't need/want gold, and as a non-crafter, there's no mats I need (other than about 50 more light feathers so I can get a new quiver crafted for me).

Brainstorming for a good solution, we came up with something he can do as an engineer, namely craft me some arrow makers. The Adamantite Stingers give a nice DPS boost over the Warden's Arrows that I use.

Only catch is, the recipe is BoP and drops off of Sunfury Archers in Netherstorm.

So the plan was for us to pair up and head that-a ways and grind these silly blood elves into the ground until one coughed up the schematic.

Wowhead had some horror stories of hours and hours of killing with no drop.

Lol, he squats down to loot our 6th kill, and ding, he cheers over voice that we're all done.

And then he had to run to go pickup his new puppy dog in RL.

Grats on schematic, and grats on pup.

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