Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oooh-gri'la and Shot Speeds

Get home sunday night from a sweet RL roadtrip where I got to make stuff out of real molten glass, and log in to grind out some dailies before bed.

Oooh, hey, very nice, ding Ogri'la Exalted.

I never really checked out their quartermaster before, so I wander over and look through his stuff.

What have we here? The Crystalline Crossbow.

That little baby represents a nice damage upgrade over my Sky-Fire Hawk Bow, small AP drop, made up for by nice crit increase, while still keeping me Spicy Hot Talbuk hit-capped without changing any gems or other gear.

What's got me thinking, though, is the shot speed. My current bow is a 2.4 speed, and the crossbow is 2.8.

Not sure what to do about it. Some say test it out at Dr. Boom. Sure, that'll show me what my personal DPS will behave like with either bow. But that misses out on an important thing since my rate of fire keeps my kitty happy.

Whether I crit for 67 damage on a wing clip or for 2617 on an Aimed Shot, my pet gets the same Kill Command, the same helping of Focus, and the same frenzy effect. A Beast Master really wants crits. Lots of 'em. Fast and continuous. Not necessarily big'ens, but lots and lots of crits. Ok, big'ens are nice too, as I'm not one to pass up on Mortal Shots, just so long as there's lots of them.

So, if I choose to go with this x-bow, which I most likely will, what are some short-term accessible (pre/early-kara) haste options that I can go after to offset this effect?

That, and I need to figure out how to get Apexis Crystals, as the quartermaster doesn't take Amava's Platinum Card.

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