Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Where's my damn cake?!?!

I do the daily cooking quest every day. Its the first one I do. Every. Day.

Why o why won't the Delicious Chocolate Cake recipe drop?

For the first long time, I always chose the Crate of Meat as the reward. I didn't have any good cooking recipes for the fish at the time, and the meat is useful for either my own buff food, buff food for sale or donation to guildies, or sometimes useful for future cooking quests (so I don't have to go kill wind serpents and raptors up in Blade's Edge for the Demon Boiled Surprise).

Then I got a bunch of nice fish recipes like the golden fish sticks which are sweet for my healers, so I've been exclusively fishy for the past few weeks.

What gives?

The google-cached page of WoWHead delicious chocolate cake recipe that I can read from work (ha ha, you mutha fers, just try to keep me down, muwahahaha) seems to indicate it can drop from either the Crate of Meat or the Barrel of Fish. But no matter, because it won't drop for me.

And the funny part is that I don't even want to bake the cake. I just want the stupid recipe.



Kestrel said...

And the funny part is that I don't even want to bake the cake. I just want the stupid recipe.

Q F T!!

I have two cooks, and NEITHER of them can get the damn recipe. One of them always takes fish; the other, meat. (Well except for yesterday, when I really needed to make stewed trout, and of course got no trout.)

Blizz is perverse, no doubt about it.

Chorius said...

I'm having the same problem with the stormchops recipe... the cake dropped within the first couple crates I got.

MastrKreuz said...

I was having the exact same problem with stormchops ! I finally got it however but now I never make them.

The only problem with the cake is the stupid Mageroyal's ! They sell for 6g for 20 of them and I can't stand the thought of buying them when I use to throw them away.