Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kara x 2

Short version of the story...check this WWS report out and tell me what you think of my new Crossbow (I'm Rhea).

Medium version of the story...I'm not sure how I like the crossbow yet, granted, in this report I had Blessing of Kings, which I haven't had too often lately, plus we had longer battles causing mana issues which would drop overall DPS, but the jury is still out.

Long version of the story...

Tuesday night. Fresh Kara raid ID's. Big pile of Master's-Key-havin' lvl 70's sitting around. What to do?

Why not form up two teams and head on in?

Well, not exactly like that, but you get the idea. Team 2 had the first run tuesday night. That team is more for the early evening schedule'd folks, rather than Team 1 which currently is more for the later evening folks.

Really happy to see on gchat when T2 took down Attumen. Gratz, couple wipes, but they took him down on their first night!!!

Then comes T1's turn to form up.

8 of the 10 members are online at the start time. Funny thing is, the pool of subs that we normally have available are all in Kara, working their way towards the Maiden.

One of the missing players was our normal Raid Leader for Team 1, so lucky Amava sends out the invites and starts thinking of options.

Half the team went down the hill outside Kara and started fishing. I've never fished in a group before, it was fun as h3ll. Plus, in the 30 minutes it took to find 2 more players, we collectively fished out about 100g worth of fishies. There's your repair bill and then some.

Found another guildie who wasn't on T2, and then somebody's friend PUG'ed into the team.


Oh, wait, not sweet. You mean I have to run this little party?

I've marked targets and led enough 5-man parties, but never a Kara / 10-man raid.

With 2 tanks and 2 priests/shackles, Attumen's stables is no problem. Only have a couple 5-pulls where I'd have to whip out a trap or two, but with a spare tank to pick up my turkey once the skull is burned down, easy peasy.

Our DPS was horrific. The PUG warlock was putting out less damage than the tanks, so I suppose he's pretty new to the endgame. But good attitude, which goes a long way, at least in Attumen's stable.

The DPS was so bad, it took 5:17 minutes to kill Attumen, which is about 25% longer than our previous Attumen kill, we were missing our normal RL and #2 DPS'er. But kill him we did. I've never had to deal with Mana Management as much in any fight before.

Found out that I actually have no idea how to be the Master Looter. Uber scared of mis-clicking and mis-assigning an Epic, I carefully clicked/rightclicked on everything and then figured it out. Ah, the pressure.

Aside: Is there any mod that'll automatically switch looting options from Group Loot to Master Looter once you reach a boss? Master Looter's a pain in the trash, but on bosses, its a good move.

With DPS that low I couldn't really decide whether Moroes or Maiden would be a better choice. I polled the group and went with Maiden. We had a third healer to keep the tank topped off while the 2 priests were dispelling the Holy Fires. Plus we had no suitable 3rd tank to handle the guests in Moroes' room, and that's the only strat that we've got to work so far.

We worked nicely through the trash in Maiden's hallway. I love me some Banish Demon from the 'locks. And you also know what I love? When the RL assignes a shackle to a demon!!! ZOMG, why won't the shackle hold? ZOMG, healer's dead. SH!T, other healer's dead. GAHHHH. Saved a wipe with some trapping and then a LOOOONNNNG battle to bring the 4 mobs down. Long enough for a healer to corpse run back and join back into the fight.

Oops, who was that RL anyways? Idiot.

Got to Maiden. Couldn't do it. Just no where near enough DPS, and 2 people didn't have Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs installed to assist with positioning and repentance warnings.

And Amava was unaccustomed to her new crossbow and other equipment enhancements and crit crit crit, pull aggro (newb) and oneshot from the amazon Maiden. Who brought the new guy?

All in all, a sweet 2 hours in Kara. Really would have liked some more badges, but I'm here for the fun more than the loot.

Found out later that Team 2 fizzled on the room before the hallway to Maiden, but they all had a great time for their first night in. w00t.

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Mosshoof said...

Regarding group loot vs. master loot; we've found that changing the threshold for it from rare to epic seems to work OK. I've never been ML myself; I don't know the exact name for it. But it just means that the random green drops go to whoever loots the corpse, but if a purple drops (like Zierhut's Lost Treads, which dropped for us the other night), the ML still gets involved.

With 2 priests & a hunter, you might have been able to take Moroes -- first DPS target is one of the guests wearing cloth; use no tank, or tank with a hunter pet. Trap one guest, shackle two, both tanks on Moroes. DPS switches to Moroes when the first target goes down, and run out of the room after he goes down to reset/despawn the remaining guests. It's worked for us at least once...

Sounds like you had fun, though.