Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Heroic Monday

Monday night was a guild meeting followed by a run through Heroic Slave Pens.

The former was uneventful. Just a little hoo-rah speech trying to keep everybody comfy cozy following two dramas from the weekend. One invoved some immature folks going on a tear of hugely inappropriate gchat involving race, religion, gender, lifestyle choice, you name it. Instant /gkick and an explantion to the guild of the zero tolerance policy. The other drama doesn't need much air time, but suffice it to say, converting a guild from a levelling guild to a raiding guild is not easy. In lighter news, Amava continued her losing streak of the gold lotto drawing at guild meetings. 10g to enter, winner takes all, Amava typically rolls between 7 and 14.

The later (slave pens) was awesome. About an hour and 45 minutes to clear the place, 3 Badges of Justice, 3 equipment upgrades for teammates. Even let our MT get some practice as Raid Leader, which he did great with. 2 wipes, and one near wipe as they did a mind control of the MT, killed the rest of us, then the mobs disengaged and ran away, and then they released our MT from mind control and left him standing there out of combat, so we didn't count it as a real wipe :-) Also, it was our holy priest's first ever heroic clear, so lots of cheering was done. It feels awesome to have a growing team of players who can jump in and clear heroics. A lot of that depends upon our main tank who is awesome at planning out, crafting, looting, buying, enchanting, and finding upgrades to his gear. So gotta get some of the other tanks infected with that spirit. And DPS'ers. Oh yeah, and the healers. lol.

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