Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gnude Recap

Man, what a blast. BRK estimates roughly 250 gnaked level 1 gnomes entered into the race.

I took some screenshots, but BRK is displaying them plus lots of others in a much nicer post, so view them here.

Such a welcome change in pace from the normal grind of daily quests, looking for groups, farming raid mats, checking AH for gold (well, getting gold doesn't become boring for me), dealing with guild drama.

Put all that schlock aside for an hour and have some fun.

The start was hysterical, with everybody just /dancing or jumping. Looked like a giant popcorn machine. Then BRK gives the signal and we all ran like a swarm of mosquitos.

I came across at least two readers, Ess and GameDame, while in the starting area which was cool to see.

My GF was watching along, and she was only slightly disappointed at my running near the rear of the pack. Since I was pretty far back, most of the mobs were already aggroed and so there were only a few moments where the group around me had to swarm away from a croc and watch one or two of our compadres get eaten. She was hoping more for a scene like the first five minutes of Saving Private Ryan.

As we exited Dun Algaz and entered the Wetlands, you could see all the gnomes ahead of me all getting enveloped in some strange golden aura, all right around the same place. Ahhh, levelling up. Since we were all just running and getting exploration XP, we all dinged 2 as we hit the same spot. Really cool effect that I didn't expect.

The best part of the whole event is that it was a great chance to include your special RL people who don't necessarily share your interest in WoW. Watching a raid might be interesting for a few minutes, but if you don't really care too much about the game, it gets old in a hurry.

But this little fiesta? There's no better way to share a WoW moment with someone you love.

Especially if you have your own RL version of the event afterwards ;-)

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BRK said...

Really glad you could make it!