Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Friday Night Heroics

I'm not sure what happened, but somewhere along the way, heroic content has actually become doable for me and my cronies.

I really hope its due to gearing up, skilling up, and becoming better team players, rather than some nerf to heroic content.

Note that I said "doable" and not "on farm status". Wipes galore.

But we cleared them. Heroic Slave Pens followed by Heroic Under Bog in a 5 hour marathon.

Strangely enough, it just felt like normal mode of a dungeon when you're doing it at the appropriate level. You more or less steamroll along, then you hit a tricky pull, or a big multi-pull and maybe you wipe. Or maybe the warlock gets a drop slap happy and pulls aggro and dies on 4 pulls in a row while the rest of the party survives. And he's greeted with lots of friendly insults on the third death, and by the fourth one, we officially denied him a rez, but all in good clean fun.

During the SP run, a nice pair of epic leather pants, with some awesome DPS stats on it dropped. Everybody else in the party wears cloth or plate, so no contest. The pants have a good helping of +hit, so I got to go re-gem a bunch of my equipment, replacing stones that have +hit/+agi with pure +agi, with a net effect of me still being hit capped with a Spicy Hot Talbuk, and adding more than 1 full percent of crit.

Actually, I think we only sharded a single piece of gear through the entire two runs, which is great to see.

Tank won a Primal Nether, so I sent him a pile of Hardened Adamantite, Fel Steel, and Khorium bars so he could make some sweet tanking goggles.

All in all, I think we collected 7 badges in the evening, which gets me close to needing to decide what to spend them on.

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