Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kablammy in da House

After spending weeks pondering different words that rhyme with Shammy, I went with Kablammy.

I wanted to incorporate "totem" into the name, but there's really no way to use 7 alphabetical characters in conjunction with "totem" without immediately conjuring up a phallic image. But then again, when the human mind wants to see phallus, I suppose there's no choice of words that'll avoid raising that flag, so to speak.

Silly name? Yes. Will I regret picking it in a few days/weeks? Probably. Fun for now? Absolutely.

Inspired by (A) my recent semi-struggle with getting a nice gem cut and (B) my desire to see how cool Quest Helper will be for a brand new baby toon, and (C) old advice sitting in the back of my mind from a RL friend who thought pretty strongly that I'd like playing shammy.

She's my new space-goat Shaman. Destined to be primarily a Jewelcrafter, and for now a miner because I do so enjoy gathering as I quest/level. And she needs to farm all her JC mats herself, as I'm not allowing my alts to spend gold on their profs until the savings tracker dings 10K, which according to the pretty linear pattern in the chart to the right, should be about 3 weeks away.

Playing the Draenei starting area with Quest Helper is pretty fun, although getting used to running around on your feet is rough when you're happily crusing the skies with epic flight and a riding crop, but ah well.

Got to level 10 in no time flat, which is no real surprise, but fun to see. Nearly no down time or wasted travel when using QH.

So far JC is kind of dull, but my discovery of Prospecting to get gems to craft stuff out of made it a drop better.

There you go. Kablammy. Yet another toon that'll see action during boring times, or times when I need to escape from the social scene, or when I go on a crafting binge and need to get to the next level cap for skill-ups. Aspirations for 70? Sure. Or maybe 80 by then. Probably never make it, but you gotta think big, right?

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