Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Site Feature: The Tracker

Against my better judgement, I'm unveiling a new feature on this site....The Tracker.

Occupying prime real estate in the upper right corner of the site, folks on feed readers (such as me and my Goggle Reader), well, you miss out unless you click.

In what will probably only invite attempts to have my account hacked, or at a minimum, prompt any Terokkar realm players who're hard up for a buck to stalk me, I wrote up a little program that parses the MoneyFu plugin's saved variable .lua file, extracts the gold quantitles in the pockets of each of my Alliance alts on the server, and then spits out a cute little chart of the growth/loss over time.

I figure BRK openly shares that he's got more gold than jebus, so I'm thinking this isn't exposing any extra risk (yeah right). Then again, his guild does seem to be a target of more and more hacks, but not him personally.

Of course, I'm having major trouble automating the scheduling of the task in Windows Vista, so for now I manually run the program whenever I remember to.

The goal is to give me a visual guide that'll motivate me to stop spending on alt professions until I ding 10k. All professional development needs to be done via harvesting any mats that I have the gathering skill for, and avoiding professional expenses on AH at all costs. That only presents an immediate concern for my engineering, as there's about 75 available skill points that I'd be much more apt to pay for rather than farm low level minerals for. Alchemy and Tailoring have 7 more priest levels to grind through before any skill points become available there. And Leatherworking is being done entirely organically since Moody skins as she goes.

Plus the stupid runed arcanite rod. I'm at 298 enchanting, and want to save one of those 2 points for the Runed Arcanite Rod that I've got to make anyways, so might as well get a point for it. But that bugger's gonna cost me a couple hundred, unless I postpone for several months until my other skills catch up and I can make and transmute all the mats myself. Probably never happen, but a boy's got to dream.

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