Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Running out of Quests

I don't know about you, but once I hit the 20's on a toon, I can't quite make it all the way to 30 by questing just in a single zone. Or maybe I can but there's a dead zone in the middle where you run out of quests you can handle at your level, but then a level or two away, there's another group of quests for ya.

My answer to that is grinding.

It started with Amava, but I didn't know it at the time. Galavanting around Ashenvale in her 20's, she found her favorite spot to spend time was just to the west of Astranaar. There's a series of camps of furbolgs or some such warrior and shaman humanoids in the level 23-24 range. Nice and easy to gain rested bonus in the inn at Astranaar, and then just pop over to those furry guys and grind them down, collecting coins (vital for a young lady who hadn't gotten any jobs yet, late bloomer that she was) and stacks of linen and wool.

Now, I'm levelling two alts in that same zone. My priest who was at 27, and my druid who's 26. Seems that there is just a gap in quests to bridge me up a level or two till I can handle the Forrest Song quests.

For my priest, at level 26 and 27, its perfect for me to grind those guys, as I can pretty much take them on 1 at a time, and my shield lasts long enough to keep me at full health through the fight, and the name totally escapes me right now, but 5 points in whatchamacallit talent from the shadow tree makes sure that I've got very little mana issues either. Makes me feel good about life, like I'm the big kid who can bully around these little guys a few levels below me, and take their lunch money, and still-unwoven clothes right off their back. Feels like a hunter, only delayed by 4 or 5 levels :-) Dinged all the way up to 28 this way, and now maybe I can start hammering out the quests in the east part of the zone to get to maybe 31 or so.

For my druid, she's a bit more capable of handling mobs at or above her level, but she's dancing to a different tune.

You can't skin those guys. Any grinding Moody's doing had better yeild some sort of a leather or hide, since trying to supply enough skins to her Leatherworking is consuming. Following along the Cleansing Rene Zelwigger quest line, she ended up north near the border with Felwood and found a bunch of wolves and bucks that're providing the Heavy Leather that she's just become interested in.

Sweet XP and sweed leathers to be had.

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