Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Story I Want to Post

You have no idea how much I want to post a sweet sweet write up about a guild run in the freshly reset kara instance. Of gathering up 10 guildies who worked out some of the basic kinks of 10-man instancing last week, and taking the stables down like a team of commandos. And then heading up those damn stairs and serving Morose some of his own suckling pig. A story of epics and badges galore, with some wipes, but enough rep to allow us noobs to get repairs without leaving the zone.

I want to write that story so much that I'd be willing to walk miles in the 80 mph wind, sub-freezing temperatures, and flesh ripping wind-blown snow that's going on outside my window just to get to a computer terminal with access to blogger, just to be able to write that story for you.

But, I try to keep the stories here in the realm of reality, so while I will be traversing the out-of-doors through the giant train wreck of a winter storm, I will however not be posting any such beautiful fiction about a kara run.

Only one week into our raiding schedule and we had a complete and total flop. Didn't even go through the door and see the inside.

Approaching the start time, both tanks, one healer, and three DPS were logged in. The expected RL had contacted the guild leader and let him know he'd be an hour late, so unless we want to wait, we should just go without him.

Of course, our vocal and ever-"friendly" backup RL came over the intercom (yes, intercom. you can use vent or voice chat, but i'm using an intercom, damn it) with such bitter animosity, you'd think he was standing outside my building in this wind naked at the time. Adamant that we wait for NOONE!!!!!! Ok, Mr. Im-a-mage-who-barely-out-damages-the-tanks-and-yet-insists-that-we-skip-ahead-to-curator-because-it-has-drops-i-want-even-though-we-barely-clear-the-stables-and-besides-you-gotta-clear-moroes-before-continuing-on-anyways-but-i-dont-know-that-since-my-head-is-up-my-ice-blocked-@ss-90%-of-the-time-and-the-other-10%-of-the-time-im-so-busy-verbally-abusing-people-with-my-own-arrogance-its-painful-even-to-my-pet-fish.

Next up, you've got this guy and a few of the others flagging themselves for PvP right outside the dungeon, and they're playing spank the monkey with some hordies.


First complaining about not waiting for ANYONE, and now, no effort whatsoever to fill in a team.

Bitter much?

I start to look through the guild ranks and look for subs. Only two other healers on at the moment. One is pretty new, and tells me he'll join. Cool. The other is a priest who's been in the guild for about 20 minutes at this point. He says "what does keyed mean?" So he's out.

Ok, still need 2 DPS and 1 healer.

I ask a rogue from the guild, and he's pumped and says he'll be there after a quick repair and buy some poisons or some such rogue-ish stuff. Sweet.

Need 1 more DPS. Ask another hunter from the guild. He says "if there's room, sure." I say "come on down, you're the next contestant."

The 2nd healer gets invited into the group now. He says....

So what're we doing tonight?


cool, what's that?

karazhan, the 10-man raid dungeon you joined the guild to play

oh, is that the key thingie?

Do you have the master's key yet?

I think i got a shart

His typo on shard was the only thing that kept me calm at this point.

I then looked in LFM and just plain old /who and then looked up any lvl 70 priest, paladin, shammy, or druid who wasnt in an instance or BG on the armory, and whispered about 10 people who were a resto or holy spec.


Next thing I know, one of the raid members who's been screaming into his mic about where the pvp hordies in deadwind pass are hiding says


Huh? we've got 5, plus warrior and bear?

Nope, I'm DPS, not bear.

When this happen?

Somebody told me to respec DPS for our Kara team.


I dont remember.


The other day.

Good thing we're not physically near eachother because if so, i'd probably have a jar with a human throat in it on my mantle.

Ok, so i tell the hunter class captain that there's been a mistake, so he's uninvited. So sorry. He was cool about it, but I felt like crap.

Next thing you know, with no notice, the raid group gets disbanded.

No discussion, no talk, no team involvement. Just a disband.

I actually typed /gquit. Didn't hit enter, but felt good to type it.

It was at this point that some deity somewhere actually shined down upon me, and did something for my own good, for a change.

My connection started to lag hardcore. I disconnected about 8 times in a row. No reboots or router restarts would fix it.

No WoW!!!!

So I went and sat on the couch with my GF and my pup, and watched American Idol and went to bed early.

Despite the crappy start, I couldn't have asked for a better night. F - WoW.

I mean, really folks. Have you ever been in 80 mph winds? Its pure insanity. The air gets sucked from your lungs. Your clothes threaten to rip off your body. Any pocketbooks or man bags that you carry hover parallel to the ground, straining at the end of their straps. Cats and dogs, living together (well, flying through the air, actually)....mass hysteria.

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