Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Relentless @ss

With my new intro to raiding, and my opening up to new consumables, my favorite auction search term has become "relentless @ss".

I'm not sure whether its an attribute desireable to seek out in a mating partner, or if its a condition caused by drinking water in countries whose native flora have yet to make acquaintence with one's digestive system.

Either way, it'll run ya roughly 40g a pop, and its making me want to pick up alchemy more and more.

So I return to my endless professional struggle.

To keep mining/herbalism on my main toon, or switch to either alchemy/herbalism or skinning/leatherworking.

I decided to roll the dice and let fate, and the Auction House, decide for me.

One of the things I've grown to enjoy about dual gathering is the giant pile of gold that accumulates with minimal effort. Especially while questing, as you just pass by lots of herbs and mineral deposits on your merry way. Also nice once you get your epic flight, which won't take you too long, as you've got giant piles of gold.

Then my epic spending spree on enchants, reputation turn-in items, alt professions (most notably enchanting, alchemy, tailoring, and engineering), gear for alts, enchants for alts, Amava's purses, banker alt guild vault tabs, and so on.

Add to that a giant nosedive in the herb market, and I've been wondering if a change would be a good thing, as I've not really been getting the enjoyment that minimum 4-digit piles of gold provide.

To start off, to remind me of why I dual gather in the first place, I went flying around all over the Outlands, herbing and mining every thing in sight. Emptied out my bags to allow for more bag space, and then filled/emptied my bags over and over and over, and shipped everything off to my AH mule.

Herbs were sent to the market pretty much as they came in, with whatever stack size I had handy.

Minerals were smelted into bars and then saved in the guild vault.

Motes were converted to primals and also saved in the guild vault.

This has been going on for a while now, with an increased push towards focused farming over the last week or two.

Primal stacks of all types filled up and then occupied additional bank slots. Fel Iron Bar stacks filled up. Eternium Bars, heck, even Khorium ore (not sure if I want to smelt them puppies yet) is almost a full stack now.

But my true love. My baby. Hardened Adamantite Bars.

Finally hit a stack of them. Which if my calculations are correct, means 400 Adamantite Ores.

It was time to let the fates and AH rule the future of my professions.

The deal was, I'm allowed to post it on the AH three times. If it expires three times, without dropping the stack price below 350g, then I was going to do a /roll. Greater than 50 meant Skinning/Leatherworking, and less than 50 meant Herbalism/Alchemy. An exact 50 meant I would keep the current Mining/Herbalism, just to keep it interesting.

First shot, with less than two hours left on the auction, buyout at 354g.


So I remain a dual-gatherer main, with lots of low-level crafting alts.

At least until I acrue another stack of Hardened Adamantite Bars, which has become my mining litmus test.

And I took the 354g and bought enough Relentless @ss to last me through several weeks of raiding

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