Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Its a Girl

Amava, my first toon, spent her young days as any good Night Elf would in Teldrassil, and then moved along to Darkshore and Ashenvale. Back in those days, I think it took me two weeks to get to level 10, with most of my time spent running around that giant tree, totally lost, and still trying to come to grips with the fact that any of the other characters that look just like me are actual other people and not just NPC's, as WoW was my first MMO.

This weekend, I spent a bunch of time on alts. Amava was feeling too much pressure from new folks in the guild who she doesn't even know at all whispering or openly gchatting "pls help me. who wants to help me? nobody will help me" stuff, when all she wants is for the guild to stop recruiting below 70, levelling people up, keying people up and gearing people up, until there's some actual plan for progression among the growing growing pile of people that're already levelled, keyed, and sort of geared. Or at least when you ask for help, (A) make sure I'm not in a dungeon at the moment, and (B) tell me what you need help with. If its a reasonable request, I'll be reasonable in response. If you're being rediculous and want me to run you through the entire world and you don't know where any of the quest objectives are or even what quests you're on, then smell you later.

Of course, now my lvl 35 Paladin banker is also feeling the pressure too. I did a bunch of grouping up while levelling him to 35 over the past couple weeks, and now I get 5 or 6 people ask him to do stuff anytime I log in to check AH or fetch stuff from my vault. My Punky Brewster rogue is going to become my banker since she's got no friends yet. Just need a friend to create an alt who I can surrender my 1-man guild to, so he can invite Punky in and give the guild back over to her.

Lol, my tragic catch 22. Either can't find any action and its depressing, or there's just too much demand and its a burden. No happy medium at this point.

First alt up to bat was my priest who started the weekend at 22 and ended at 27. Gotta love the new levelling speed. Combination of questing and a run through Black Fathom Deeps. BFD was just plain fun. That was my first dungeon I ever ran, and had a blast healing a total PUG. Kind of a messy group, but we were near the high end of the level bracket, and I think that low level dungeons are a bit easier since recent patches, and I had a great time playing healer. Green Bar Tunnel Vision, FTW!!!!!

Next up was my brand new addition to the family. Thoroughly experiencing alt-itis, I decided to add a Druid to the family. I named her Moodyswinger to pay hommage to my current mental state. What a total riot it was to run around the Night Elf intro area. Major nostalgia from Amava's younger days. I was chuckling at the vivid memories of the various basic entry-level quests, and what a tough time I had with them my first time through. I think I spent a week or more in that entry level area, which I then cleared through in about an hour and a half sunday night.

I can't wait to get different Druid forms. I re-watched the intro cinematic movie to WoW. Also the Burning Crusade intro, but I like the original way better. Firstly, makes me wish I had my bear Teddy out of the stables, and secondly, makes me wish I picked Dwarf at first. Then you see the druid chick running through the forest and morphing into a cat right as she leaps. Good stuff.

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Anonymous said...

I just made a character on your server. He's a gnome named Markymark. I'll do the alt guild thing for you if you promise to name it "The Funky Bunch"!