Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Got Fel Armaments?

On saturday morning, (A) cleaned out my gold account and (B) dinged exalted with Aldor.

Not sure what possessed me, other than being overall jaded with the pre-kara blues (no, not a type of gear), but I looked up my rep with Aldor, dividided by 350, and bought a giant pile of Fel Armaments, thus bringing my gold stock to its lowest since maybe level 30. Until the last few purchases though, prices were rock bottom, so I'm not too unhappy with the impulsive decision.

Funny thing was, my new computer arrived on friday, so much of the friday night and saturday morning and afternoon was spent downloading WoW, TBC, and patch 2.3. While it was downloading, the lag on my normal computer was unbearable. As a result, it took me over a half hour talking to the Aldor lady, turning in the Fel Armaments.

So now Amava's Beast Lord Mantle's got a nice shiny inscription granting +30 attack power and +10 crit. Not too shabby.

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Anonymous said...

Grats and, btw, you only needed to COPY the whole WoW folder over to the other computer, using, say, an external HDD, a flash pen or even network connection: much faster and works like a charm! :)

If only more software could be like that! :)