Monday, January 21, 2008

Hmmmmm. Is that all?

In my efforts to keep myself focused and my toon family moving in a direction that I enjoy, or need, I ended up writing a giant essay on tons and tons of topics. Fun exercise for me, boring exercise for the readers. Here's the condensed executive summary, which if I had to estimate, is compressed down to 1% of the original size.


1) Daily, do your chores. Complete at least 5 daily quests, herbing and mining along the way. Save the gold on a new banker toon.

2) Figure out a deadline by which you need your guild to be running scheduled kara runs. Daily, talk to key guildies, to ensure that anything under your control is being done to hit that deadline.

3) Daily, take a look at crafting profs, and choose a recipe to buy. Have shopper navigate to the proper vendor. Shoot for completing this 4 times weekly, preferrably not in one single marathon session of running around.

4) Weekly, complete your 10 arena matches. Welfare, baby.

5) Once chores are done, and if nobody from arena team is around or matches are done for the week, switch over to Moody and have fun.

6) Grind some leathers with Moody to get her Leatherworking caught up to her level as you're currently missing out on some gear that is equippable right now.

And the most fun of all...the new computer arrived, and I have WoW installed on it. So top priority is set up network at GF's house, and see if I can get my addons and Auctioneer data copied over to the new guy by just copying two folders.

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