Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Farming Leathers and Swimming Around

Back to Moodyswinger, my Druid alt who ended the weekend at level 17.

Still fun as hell to play her. Just something cool about taking on 3 or 4 equal level (or 1 below) mobs and popping back and forth between Bear and Elf form to slap some heals on myself, and to slap some Moonfire on the baddies, then back to Bear to tank the hits and debuff their attack power. Then skin the buhjeezus out of them.

I'm not sure if its more nostalgia, or if I really do like the area, but questing in Darkshore is nice. I like it way better than some of the other 10-20 zones like Westfall or Loch Modan. Could be that its just familiar because Amava spent much of her early days there.

When I dinged 17, I got invited to a party in Moonglade. When I get there, the guy handing out the little cocktail weenies also told me about this fancy new shape shift I'll get....aquatic form.

Yeah, baby!!!! Started up the quest chain which has you running and swimming all over the place. Got to take the familiar trek from Auberdine to Stormwind City. Although its a semi boring run, I still get a big kick out of making the trip and thinking about how mystical it felt the first time I did it. Due to a combination of hangover, fatigue, and my late showing of the Giants game coming to a wonderful end, I had to go to bed before I finished the chain and got the aquatic form, so that'll have to wait until monday night.

Then there's the Leatherworking. Which should probably be called "Forget about questing and just grind your way through levels in search of leather". I kill and skin. EVERYTHING. Every bunny, deer, diseased deer, mob, you name it. If its got skin, I blast it with moonfire and then shapeshift and claw its face off. Hell, even murlocs are dropping scales that I need for gear.

I'm trying to keep LW up to date enough to be able to craft all the trainer-available items that my level allows. And quite frankly, I can't do it. Farming enough leathers to make up-to-date items generates too much XP and I level up before the gear is made. I suppose I won't complain, as XP is nice to have, but I'm in no rush with this guy because she's oodles of fun to play. Ok, so I'm in a teeny tiny rush to get to 20 so I can get the cat form and run fast, but not super urgent.

With my LW at around 100, I'm thinking that this is only the beginning. I just got access to Medium Leather, which now means you have to farm stack and stacks of Light Leather to make a single item. I haven't found any mobs that drop Medium Leather directly, so all my Mediums are crafted from 4 Lights. I've read horror stories of people farming hundreds and hundreds of leathers just to get a single skill point in the upper 300's so we'll see how long this remains fun. For the time being, I'm diggin' it.

And if you're a bunny in Moonglade, you might want to go hibernate for a while because its wabbit season.

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