Thursday, January 3, 2008

Amava, the Short Order Cook

Picture yourself....WoW'in it up....New Year's Eve.

Lots of people logged in. Lots of spam on the general chat channels, or idle banter, drunks babbling, good times.

Even a nice thread of people on the trade channel re-naming movies and TV shows, substituting in the name "murloc". You get the idea...Bridges of Murloc County, Interview with a Murloc, Two and a Half Murlocs. Personal fav....Murloc Does Dallas. And of course, lots of people spamming hate towards those who were murloc'ing away. Yeah, because you're really doing lots of business at a quarter till midnight on New Year's Eve. And don't you people understand even a little psychology? Saying stop in 85 different abusive ways only encourages it and makes it gain more and more immature momentum. Ah well, I was having fun reading it.

At around 11:45 PM, I finish up a run through BM to help 2 guildies finish their Master's Key (so a day later they could later steal my spot in Kara, but more venting on that to come. maybe, unless I get on a positivity kick and avoid the subject all together). Hearth to Shatt, enjoy some murloc humor. Someone on guild chat mentions that he just hit 50 cooking skill.

Hmm. Looking for something to kill the time till midnight, as the murloc thing was getting a bit stupid with all the hate messages being flung around, I think to myself. 50? Amava's got 1 point shy of max cooking. The two green recipes that remain both have their ingredients walking or slithering around up in Blade's Edge Mts. Why not give it a shot?

Thus began the 15 minute drive for 375 in '07.

Quick flight up to Blade's Edge. Don't drink and fly at epic speeds. I flew right past the area where the serpents and raptors live, wasting a few precious minutes. Nearly got stomped by one of Gruul's kids that roams the area. Not sure how many ribs and crunchy serpents I'd need to fry up to get the skill point, I was feeling the clock ticking.

After I got 3 ribs and 1 serpent, I figured I'd give it a shot. Whipped out the flint, started up my cosy campfire, and got to work preparing my meals.

On the last of the 4 dishes, ding, 375. With 4 minutes to spare before the new year.


Sellia said...

Congrats ! I'm working on that myself ... :)

dorgol said...

I'm going to post on this even though it's an old topic...

I have cooking on both of my pre-TBC characters. I love cooking on my warrior, and I'm more than happy I picked it up on my Warlock. However, I never seriously leveled my fishing. My warrior got to 300 fishing while waiting on AB queues pre-2.0.

Anyway, while leveling my Warlock I cooked anything and everything. Got my cooking up to 365 on both guys (or was it 355?) back before Blizzard added the Ribs / Serpent recipes to Alliance side. I can't express the frustration I encountered at not being able to max my cooking skill.

So, the day Blizz patched in Alliance Ribs / Serpents, I took my Warlock out there and started farming. I got his cooking to 370 pretty easily. Something like 10-15 meat cooked. 370 to 374 too a little longer. Something like 20 pieces of meat. And then it really started.

Kill, kill, kill, kill, cook... no level. Kill, kill, kill, kill, cook... no level. Kill, kill, kill, kill, cook... no level.

I was stuck at 374. I had cooked over 100 pieces of meat and I was still at 374. AND I STILL HAD TO LEVEL MY WARRIOR'S COOKING! I even made a post on the WoW Profession forums to see if it was a bug.

Of course, 3 pieces of meat after I made that post my Cooking maxed out.

There was no way in HELL I was going to do it again, though. I paid one of my guild fishermen to send me 10 Crawdads - which I cooked on my warrior and sent back.