Thursday, January 3, 2008

Is that a Pally in your pocket?

....or are you just happy to see me? In Outlands!!!!

Did I magically hit 58 on my pally alt? No. But I did magically get a friend to open a portal for him to jump from IF to Shatt.

Patch 2.3 and its changes to levelling and XP and such are wonderful. I'm glad I levelled my first toon before that, but for alts, its the bomb.

Got him up to 35, thus enabling artesian enchanting and engineering.

To get to 35, I did a whole lot of questing, and a few Gnomeregan runs.

Three thoughts.

Firstly, the music. Passing through Auberdine/Darkshore and then Astranaar/Ashenvale, they play what I guess is the Night Elf theme music? Total blast from the past as that song was what I equated with WoW for the longest time. Fun nostalgic moment (lol, nostalgia about something from just a few months ago, felt like it was a lifetime).

Secondly, questing. I never ran into this with Amava, but I really found it tough to find quests that are a suitable level for my pally. In the early/mid 20's I was in Redridge mountains. Ran out of quests there pretty quick, and still needing levels. Then tried for Hillsbrad Foothills. Ran out of quests there quickly too. I figured that the new quest XP rewards would have you levelling past a zone long before the quests ran out, but that wasn't what I experienced. Ended up back in the Desolace, a place that conjured up lots of fond memories for Amava's levelling. Especially as I ran past nodes of Gromsblood, which were a staple for Amava, both financially and skill point wise.

Thirdly thought. Instance runs at low level. Just mass chaos. I forgot what a mess groups are at this level. Firstly, you've got me, who is reasonably comfortable with the basic concepts of grouping, but I have no idea how to play tank or how to use my paladin other than the basics of solo'ing with him. Although spec'd protection almost exclusively (except for 5 points in retribution for mana efficient seals/judgements), I ended up doing lots of healing, and just tanking as much as spamming consecrate would allow. But we were overpowred enough on each run that it didn't really matter too much.

Dinged 35, and promptly trained artesian engineering in IF. Got my portal to Shattrath City, set my home at the Scryer's Inn, and trained artesian enchanting.

So now I've got some time before I need to grind to 50 for Master training. And a lot of gold to burn through levelling the two profs. The only one that has any sense of urgency is enchanting, as I just filled up an entire guild vault tab with items that require 275 to disenchant. Not sure, but hopefully the mats from DE'ing those will help make back the gold I dump into getting to 275, or maybe the mats will be useful in getting beyond 275 and into the expensive part of the profession.

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Pike said...

oh wow, yeah, I totally get nostalgic when I hear the night elf music.