Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Kara Schmara

Kara negativity crept in again and caused massive amounts of blog entries to be unpublished once again. Maybe I'll hang on to them so someday, when I've got Kara and beyond on farm status, I'll go back and read them and if there's any entertainment value in revisiting them, maybe they'll see the light of day.

I'll boil it down. The guild is close. At the heart, there's two issues left. Still too much recruitment of DPS classes, too much focus on getting more players attuned without actually getting a team of those already attuned into the door. And the biggest issue that remains is choosing a Raid Leader. Basically two strong personalities who both want the job, and the drama that surrounds selecting one of them is growing to a critical mass.

I'll share the most entertaining part, at least from my perspective. One of the RL candidates is using "i help guildies more" as his position for why he should be chosen. So what's developed is this steadily escalating arms race of being helpful. To the point of ludicrousness. It started with just that one individual openly spamming guild chat, advertising each and every helpful thing he did, was planning to do, was currently doing, had done in the recent past, etc...

There's a couple of others who are not quite as vocal about it, but more and more public advertising of how and who they assist. Or you get people who's first comment within seconds of logging in is "who needs help?" The funniest one for me was when somebody logged in and said "where are people helping eachother out, because i want in." Nice approach and philosophy, if you really like playing that way. But you can tell its unnatural for these guys, and is taking its price. You can see them all, even the guy who started it, burning out. In gchat, the comments are more and more frustrated that they feel such a burden to help. I love the irony.

I do wish that they'd focus their helpfulness a little differently. If we end up with 45 members keyed for Karazhan, but don't have (A) a team running in there yet, and (B) enough healers to support more than one team, its gonna collapse. This whole helpfullness kick will actually crush the guild in the end, unless we focus it and control the escalating drama. There are aspects of the game that don't involve key attunement, but these folks don't seem to understand that. We need to cultivate more leadership among those who are trying to get attuned, instead of hand holding them through each step. Personally, I've been trying to adopt the philosophy...."I'll run the dungeon with you, no problem, but you need to figure out what dungeon run you need, and you need to put the team together." And running more and more with the people who are informally part of Team 1, gearing up and building some team spirit.

Nuff on that.

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Anonymous said...

hehe just spotted somewhere on the internet about thread in guilds forum called "show your gratitude" so ppl dont advertise yourself with their bono publico but people who actually got help when needed thank and give you pretty precise image of helpfulness (is it even the word?)