Thursday, January 3, 2008

What makes me tick

I feel filtyh after that last post. I must cleanse. Positivity is the answer.

I figured out one of the things I like most in the game (besides the obvious "knowing my place on a team and performing well in that role" that you can glean from my running kara series).


Specifically levelling up a gathering skill.

You might have read about my quandry of wanting to fiddle with Amava's double gathering professions. I'm thinking that's because she maxed out and doesn't level any more, only gathering for gold.

Not sure what it is about it that I love, but there you have it. Maybe the gold that comes from selling the gatherables. But not really. I just love seeing that skill point ding when I gather something. And planning out where I'm going to go next to keep skilling that gathering profession up.

I was thinking about Amava's journey to 70, and a huge part of it was defined by her quest to level her herbalism and mining. Questing, XP, and levels were secondary through most of the Azeroth stages, until Artesian was maxed out, and then it was grind grind grind to get to Outlands for new gathering options.

Once my Paladin dinged 35, I started the quests for Goblin Engineering. One of the steps involves crafting a whole bunch of stuff. One of the ingredients is Medium Leather. Quick check at the AH shows there's no Medium Leather available for buy out, and only a few stacks of it available for bid, all with 24 or 48 hours to go. Where's my instant gratification?

Hmmm. I've got 2 alts that I want to play now. My 21 priest who I want to get to 35 so his alchemy can progress. And a cute little gnome rogue at level 6, who's a skinner and leatherworker. I really want to focus my altism at the priest because I'm definitely enjoying even the low level potions and elixirs he can make now at 225 skill level. But this new Medium Leather predicament has me thinking.

Quick research on Medium Leather seems to say it can be formed from 4 Light Leathers if you have Leatherworking high enough. Ok, I like being self sufficient, so bid on the Medium Leathers, but also get to work.

Grinding (and a little questing, because after all, life is not built on gathering alone) in Dun Morogh on my level 6 Rogue, skinning everything in sight, even the level 1 bunnies that hop around. Just good clean fun.

I realized that I totally love skilling up gathering professions. Playing Rogue's kinda fun too, but mostly because my toon is a cute, little, gnomish, triple-pony-tailed, slice of Punky Brewster pie. And she's wearing a vest that she crafted out of leather she gathered. Short sleeves, in Dun Morogh. Chilly, but cute.

I'd like to make a shout-out to any of you who stuck with me and read through the mass quantities of sustained verbose blathering that I coughed up today.

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Sellia said...

I know what you're talking about ... I like to make all my stuff. I have 9 toons ( + 1 in the making lol). I have one of every professions. And I like that. :)