Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Cobra La La La La La

Amava hit a combination of a spending spree, and a continuation of the collapse of the herb market on the server, leaving her in a money pinch. Ok, so my definition of a pinch (dipped below 500g across all alts) is probably a bit more gold in pocket than many others would consider to be a problem, but oh well. I like having a phat bank roll.

Amava's personal shopper was able to find another Primal Mooncloth Bag, and so now she's got three beautiful matching purses. I can't figure out how to replace the original 16-slot backpack that you start the game with, so until I feel like filling the bank slots with big bags also, I think I'm done purse shopping for a while.

Spent a bucket load on Fel Armaments in my quest to gain Aldor Exalted. Dinged Revered, so Amava went jewelry shopping at their Quartermaster.

Also, I continue to spend some gold on alt professions, getting my Priest's tailoring maxed at 225 which will stay there for a while as he's only lvl 21, and my Paladin's enchanting and engineering bumped a little bit closer to 300 each.

To help expand the income generating options, I went after the Ogri'la faction to open up some daily quests that yield gold and rep. Not much I want from the rep other than maybe another epic flying mount from Shat'ari Skyguard, but that's cosmetic only.

For Ogri'la, you start out with a quest chain that involves taking down 5 of Gruul's kids, who are giant monsters with goat legs, and its indicated that you need a 5 person team to take them down.

I didn't have 5 people, I only had 3. A tank, a healer, and me.

Fun times. Most of the fights were only mana issues, as we were geared enough to keep the tank at 100% health and the bosses damage continuing to dwindle. All it took was a single mana pot for each fight, while the healer would innervate himself to regain mana. We had to randomly snag 2 extra people to summon one of the bosses, as you need 5 to perform the pentagram summoning ritual. The last fight was tough, with tons and tons of summoned ogre spirits. Three people didn't seem to be enough for this fight. We wiped. We invited a Paladin friend. We wiped again. When we returned to our corpses, the boss was still there, but the adds were gone, so we rez'd, drank/ate, and then killed the boss.

Pretty fun chain of quests, lots of gold rewards which is nice. Then a giant booze party where the Ogres hail Amava as their new Queen.

Next step is a couple of one-time solo'able quests, leading up to a couple of new daily quests. The bombing run was a pain in the butt, but I think I figured out a good pattern of zipping in, letting them fire at my position, and then side slipping past the shots to drop my bomb. The Simon Says quest was really tough to figure out where I'm supposed to click, but after wasting 5 apexis sharts, I figured it out and now that's an easy chunk of daily gold. Wrangling Aether Rays is a pretty funny visual effect.

So far, this one is all win.

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