Friday, January 18, 2008

Kill the Wabbit

Altitis, a cure for the common kara blues.

I'm playing my druid lately. She's a shop-aholic who's going to scout out all the limited quantity vendor recipes for the rest of the alt family. I originally wanted to get her to lvl 10 just to be a bit more survivable for the trip to Iron Forge, and to get the talent point button to show up so I could view the various talent trees while running. Started having fun, and didn't stop till lvl 13.

Somewhere along the way, I've renewed my joys of playing. I've partially let go of trying to run Kara. If its gonna happen, it'll happen. If not, I found my fun stuff again...playing Moody is so much less of a chore than Amava's daily quest grind to make sure she has enough dough to pay the repairs from the heroic wipefests she gets into from time to time.

A little while back, I made mention of enjoying levelling a gathering profession. Moody is a skinner/leatherworker.

Fun all around, at least at this level. Its still novel enough that trying to grind out leathers so I can craft the gear is lots of fun. And the amount of leathers needed for a piece of equipment is low enough that the grind goes really quick. Might become a pain as I progress and crafting takes more and more mats, but oh well, I'll deal with that in turn.

I hit lvl 10 and got my Bear Form. Love it. Jumping Bear, Dancing Bear, Swimming Bear. Hell, even Skinning Bear looks cool.

Then you get into the popping back and forth from one form to the other to pop a heal, then back into Bear to lay some smack down.

My favorite part was shortly after I got my bear form, I wanted a bunch of leather to get my LW caught up and craft a few new pieces I could equip. Needed leathers. Went on a rabbit hunt in Teldrassil.

Be vewy vewy qwiet. I'm hunting wabbits.

And all I could think of was the movie Swingers as I was this big bear with these big sharp claws and teeth. I wasn't playing with the bunny, or just batting it around.

I killed the wabbit. With my Speaw and Magic Hewmet!

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