Monday, January 14, 2008

If I Could Start Over, I Would...

In a recent blog entry on One Among Many, that question was asked to the community. Seeing the popularity of answering the question on a growing list of blogs, I figure I'll chime in...

Honestly, I think I like how it went for me. I love playing a Hunter, as I chose the class because you get to have a pet, and I love my RL pet. You've heard enough about the beauty of dual gathering while levelling, and its only now at the end game that I'm debating a switch to crafting.

One thing I often think would have been nice is to have started out choosing a tank or healer first, for two reasons. First, those classes are much more in demand. Its pretty rare that you hear someone say "if we only had another hunter". Second, the levelling speed. Amava just spoiled me by levelling to 70 with almost no effort. Granted, at the time, I had no idea what tank, heal, or DPS meant, so its tough to look back, but I do wish my first toon was a class that levelled more slowly. And, ok, so I did know what "heal" meant when I started out, because that's pretty intuitive, but you get the drift.

The other thing I thing that would have greatly enriched my time in the game would be to have someone I know IRL to play the game with. Especially when starting out at first, that would be really cool to have a duo to run with. Its fun to learn with somebody else, and also, even as overpowered we are as Hunters, with a duo, there's almost no content outside of dungeons that's inaccessible while levelling. A Hunter and a Healer working together are a levelling powerhouse.

Oh yeah, and I'd play Horde. Their looks and culture vary way more across the races, and are just way more appealing to me than much of the Alliance.

Or a Dwarf.

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