Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thoughts for the New Year

Time for resolutions and whatnot. Only slightly WoW related, so read on if you like. Especially if you've outgrown a pair of pants or a belt since you started playing.

Ok, so not really resolutions.. I think any resolution I've made in the past might last through january 15th or so. They're just fads for me. So I dont do them. But it would be silly to start the year without some thoughts of things I can do differently, its just such a convenient "clean slate" time for closure and new beginnings and such.

Lots of things pop into mind, most of which surround playing less WoW. Ha. Like that'll happen. Addicted much?

So the only habit I'm going to take a serious shot at changing is exercise, specifically more of it. Or I'd even settle for even "some" of it. And keeping with the video game addiction, I have strange aspirations of getting exercise through playing Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii.

Silly goose that I am, before I started playing WoW this summer, I figured I'd get a Wii and play all the Zelda games from beginning to end, since you can download legacy Nintendo games and play them on your Wii. I've played them all through out their normal life cycles, except for the newest for the GameCube and beyond. Thought it might be a fun little trip down memory lane, while fulfilling some of the Fantasy gaming genre that I was feeling a draw towards, due in large part to reading Terry Goodkind's first 3 Sword of Truth books.

Only problem was locating a Wii for less than $200 over the cover price.

While casually looking for a Wii, I got a new computer and started WoW'ing it up. A month or so later, while buying a new pair of running shoes (as I was not fully addicted to WoW yet, and still breaking away from the keyboard to exercise from time to time), there was a video game store right next to the sneaker store. Pop my head in there, and what do you know, they've got 1 in stock. Ding.

Well, that Wii is still sitting in my closet shrink wrapped for months now.

You gotta understand, Buffalo tends to get pretty cold. And icy. I'm not quite that hardcore a jogger to put up with sub freezing temperatures, and risk slipping and breaking my wrist, thus making WoW tougher, lol. So an indoor exercise option is required. I used to have a sweet elliptical trainer with a Tivo setup, perfect for cross training during the snowy season. Well, fun roller coaster that life is, I no longer have access to that schtuff.

I tried getting a Tae Bo DVD from the library. That was fun, but never really stuck with me. I even tried out a Dancing with the Stars workout DVD. There's a strange part of me that wishes I had some video footage of that. You pretty much cant be a worse dancer than me, and on a good day I look like a giant hulking ogre (see, I'm trying to keep some ties in the post to WoW), although Tauren fur is perhaps a better analogy for body covering. So that was fun 1 time, but truely didn't stick.

So DDR is the next option. That was just about as hard to locate as the Wii itself. But visiting 11 different stores finally scored, and tonight will be my first shot at getting off my WoW stool, and adding a little cardio in my day with DDR.

I simply refuse to outgrow my current collection of belts. I'll let you know how it goes.

Oh yeah, and 2008 is the year of positive energy. Occasional venting sessions not withstanding.

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