Friday, January 4, 2008

Wii, FTW

Hooked up my Wii wednesday night.

Just plain old good fun.

Simple setup. Cool looking. Works right out of the box.

Wireless remotes. How cool is this? The new generation of kids will not know the pains of scoring a goal in NHL 95, jumping up excited, only to have the controller wire tear the whole Genesis console out and wrench the wire connectors and maybe, just maybe, pull the whole TV off the stand. Not that that's ever happened.

Then again, they will get to know the pleasures of throwing a wireless remote, and smashing it because they didnt use the handy dandy wrist strap. So I suppose each generation will have their own controller woes.

Hook up boxing game. Instantly get sore arms (I told you I needed to get out of my WoW stool and get some exercise). Win my match in 3 rounds by unanimous decision. Then my GF grabs the numchucks, does her own version of Bestial Wrath and slaughters the guy by Knock Out. I suppose I'll have to watch my step around that one :-)

Then comes the real fun.

DDR. The first challenge is figuring out where to plug the damn thing in. Oh, as it would turn out, there's secret compartments all over the Wii.

With Amava logged in so I could passively scan guild chat to see if anything's going on, I procede to tear up the floor. This is some fun stuff. Totally uncoordinated, so I get booed off the stage regularly. The narrator's voice is perfect. At one point, he actually yelled at me to "listen to the BEAT" and the way his voice stressed "beat" contained so much contempt and disgust, it was just perfect. My TV is yelling at me because I can't dance :-) And the hand held controller has a speaker too, so you get the stern talking to in 3D stereo.

They totally need to incorporate some kind of foot pad like the DDR mat into WoW. That would be so cool, and yet, so crazy at the same time, if all your movement was done by DDR foot pad controller.

Did I really just say "the new generation of kids"? Blech. Who brought the old guy?

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