Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The moment I've all been waiting for

Title was going to be "The moment you've all been waiting for", but then I thought about it, and the only part of this that you guys might have been waiting for is hopefully an end to my whining. But I, on the other hand, have been waiting for this moment for quite some time.

Long story short, the guild has formed Kara Team PM-1 and is scheduled to start this thursday, with a possible acceleration to tuesday if we can finish the attunement for one of the players on monday night.


Over the later half of last week, we had some random snippets of conversation between small subsets of the officer corps regarding the topic. Finally got three out of the four of us on at the same time and not in an instance on sunday evening. Talked it over, and came up with a proposed team of 10. An hour later, the fourth assistant supervisor logs in and we get back on the officer voice channel and go through things. Last guy had a decent reason why a different player should go in place of one of our choices, and it made sense so we adjusted.


Warrior (MT)
Druid (OT)

Paladin (heal MT)
Paladin (heal OT)
Priest (heal raid)

Warlock (not sure what spec)
Mage (not sure what spec)
Mage (fire)
Hunter (MM)
Hunter (me, BM)

My only things I'd change if I could would be to replace one pally with another priest, since at first when we all are total rookies in there, I think the additional shackle would be a giant benefit, but I think we'll make due as there's a nice collection of skills, gear, and most importantly, good attitudes and fun people. I'd also like somebody who can help the healers with their mana like a Shammy or Shadow Priest, but so be it.

Now its time to scramble and get ready.

X) Discuss with RL folk who I like to spend time with on tuesdays and thursdays and ensure we adjust things so we still get to have fun, so as to not make raiding feel like a pain in social the arse. I need to be logged in by 8:30 those nights (raid starts at 9:00) and will be pretty oblivious to my surroundings (new head phones, ftw).

X) Ensure proper consumables are on hand. I've got a decent supply of almost everything I need already, but perhaps a few more mana pots and some flasks that'll last through death, as I suspect we'll be the kings of the wipe. Some buzzard meat needs to be farmed, and a few more talbuks will offer themselves up to helping me aim my bow at lvl 73 bosses a little better.

X) Review my Talent points. I'm still on the BRK recommended levelling build. Luckily, he put a posting up on monday to remind me to make some changes as I enter Kara to provide more DPS and at the sacrifice of some pet tanking capability.

X) Review my Pet Talent points. I honestly barely ever alter my pet's talents. I think Cringer's skills are a random assortment of points, sort of thrown towards the types of resistances you'd need in Shadow Labs, as I think I was running in SL when he dinged the last two loyalty levels after I trained him months ago. I'll want a spec more tuned to the early parts of Kara.

X) Review boss fights. I've never seen Attumen, only beat Moroes once, and fought and died on Maiden once as well. I need to read up on Attumen and Moroes specifically, as I'll be pleased as h3ll if we get to those two on our first raid week. Some of the other guys have also done the first sections a couple of times.

X) Install Deadly Boss Mods or CT Raid Assist to allow for easier raid communication. I already have BigWigs installed to help me with boss fights (so far, hugely helpful on Maiden, and also in my numerous Black Morass runs).

X) Figure out when the heck I'm going to watch American Idol. They run on tuesay and wednesday. So tuesday's show wont be viewed on tuesday, but wednesday is a problem, since that's when they reveal the results. If you don't watch it on wednesday, you have to put yourself in a cone of silence and avoid any contact with the outside world, lest the outcome get spoiled. While they're doing the 2 hour specials, trying to cram 4 hours of Idol into wednesday nights will probably drive me insane. or more insane. insaner.

So there you have it. The beginning of the end has begun.

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Beledona said...

I'm looking at your raid composition. It looks fine for Attuman and you certainly need at least one pally for Maiden. But when our guild was first starting Moroes, we decided we needed at least two priests shackling during Moroes, and preferably three. The undead guests have a nasty habit of resisting hunter freeze traps, and if the wrong one gets loose, they can break the other shackles and/or heal the other mobs.

You should certainly get your +hit up above 130, and the talbuk food will help. Look into a flask of relentless assault for the +120AP.

This forum page will give you advice on what to do with your pet during the raid: http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=612614593&postId=6122606336&sid=1#0 . Beware of the pet-pathing problems on the stairway leading up to Moroes.

There is a place for two misdirects during the Attuman fight. The first is 5% into the fight when the Huntsman spawns, and the second is right after he climbs up onto Midnight.

If everyone in the raid has reviewed http://wow-loot.com/raid_kara.htm , then they should be able to decide ahead of time whether they want the loot that a boss might drop. The first three bosses all drop great Hunter lewt.

Good luck, and may the epix drop in abundance!