Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Alternate Rig

Another new addition to the family. Not an alt this time, but rather, a new computer. A laptop this time, specifically designed to allow me to fuel my addiction on a mobile basis. What can I say, I like piles and piles of computers.

Started off with the new computer at my house, and tried to get my addons and settings copied over from my main PC.

Basically there's 3 folders that you have to copy when running on Windows Vista:

1) Program Files \ World of Warcraft \ WTF

2) Program Files \ World of Warcraft \ Interface \ Addons

3) \ AppData \ Local \ VirtualStore \ Program Files \ World of Warcraft \ WFT

That last one is needed to copy over your saved variables (such as Auctioneer scan data), and I think is specific to Windows Vista.

Worked like a beauty, although the network data transfer took forever, which is really strange. So a magic flash drive to the rescue, still took too long, but whatever.

Perfectly. Now to automate/schedule a synchronization task that'll copy the data to some FTP folder on a server on the Internet so these puppies will stay in sync as I run an auc scan on one machine, or install a new addon.

Brought the system over to my GF's house. Set up a wireless network on the DSL connection, and in the time it took me to down two pints of sammy's winter ale, I was up and running. Good signal strength in my preferred location, which is always a plus.

Logged on and got into a guild Botanica run. Slightly different keyboard layout than I'm normally used to. Most noticable was the function keys are immediately adjacent to the number keys, and my fingers are used to feeling for the small gap between the rows of keys. Worked ok but meant I had to look down at my hands which is something I am not in the habit of doing.

Also, another tiny thing, but its strange how a tiny change to your playing environment can feel huge. Normally when I play on my PC, I'm at a custom built workbench, which is extra tall so I sit on a bar stool, or just stand up. Plus I have my keyboard slid over to the left a little bit so that I can stay physically centered on the monitor, but my mouse is off to the right, and my keyboard is where my hand will naturally sit, further over to the left. Playing on my new setup, I'm sitting down at a normal height table, and the keyboard is built into the laptop and so is not slid over to the left at all. I found myself slowly gravitating further and further off center of the monitor as my hand pulled the rig to where I wanted the keyboard.

In the end, awesome to have a second option for playing as I do spend a lot of time outside of my normal WoW lair to spend time at the GF's house or to travel for family and work reasons.

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Durgan said...

Man I don't understand how you guys get so much time to play WoW. The only time I get enough time to run an instance is when my fiance is either a)not at home or out with friends, or b) shes doing something else in the house which never lasts as long as an instance does.

Lucky guy that you can take your WoW to your gf's and play there.