Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Three Blind Mice

Or just one coconut of a mouse configurer.

I figured out my Action Bar problem.

Based upon my recent whim that my mouse button to keyboard mappings were the cause, I tried a very simple test.

I hit shift+control+4 on the keyboard, on the assumption that the shift+control were being enabled by one of my extra mouse buttons (since I had mapped the button to shift+control+[), and I think I noticed the problem when toggling that button to talk, while hitting 4 to fire an Arcane Shot.

So I test it out and....zippo. One of my right action bars swaps into the position of the main action bar that's default mapped to your 1 thru = keys.

How bout control+shift+1????

Yepperz. Action Bars are back to normal. Testing a variety of numbers, I learned that holding shift and control, you can swap your action bars around on the fly by with the number keys.

More testing revealed that keys like [ ] ; ' , . with no modifiers seem to take no action in the default WoW setup. I remapped all my alternate mouse buttons on my new mouse to those keys and I'm back in business.

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Anonymous said...

Thankfully you use suggestive titles or I'd miss this one! Due to your "post-a-bunch-TM" habbits, I usually skim your posts; even worse today as just about everybody on my feeds decided it would be a good day/night to post! :)

As for your problem, glad it's over. You could also simply "un-map" the keys currently associated with those bar switches.

Here's a trick if you don't want to scroll through a hundred key defs to undefine one: pick one at the top that has nothing for it's second action, and assign CTRL-SHIFT-1 (in this case); you'll see it "complain" that the previous function XXX was now un-assigned. Repeat on the same secondary key for CTRL-SHIFT-2 and others, and, at the end, simply click it again and undefine it.

Congrats: you've now removed those annoying keys without scrolling a hundred ones looking for them! ;)