Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This'll only take 4 seconds

Got to try out my new 2-piece Beast Lord gear set out in some dungeon runs.

Four seconds off of the trap cooldown.

Just silly, I tell you.

Ran Shattered Halls, Mechanar, and Heroic Slave Pens. To sum it up, in Shattered Halls my favorite comment was, "good lord, you're like a machine gun with those traps". Nuff said.

I was happily anticipating the cooldown reduction, but I never realized it would make quite that much difference. In Shattered Halls, you deal with tons of mobs simultaneously and with a Warrior tank, every bit of CC is helpful. I just had no idea that the 4 seconds would make quite that much difference. It was wonderous. No matter how chaotic a pull became, I always felt I had a new trap ready whenever one was needed.

The next day, same group, only swap out a Warlock for another Hunter.

Party Leader gives out the assignments, and says amava=blue square, otherguy=star.

First pull, blue square goes up, no star applied. Mob runs to otherguy.

Second pull, same deal.

Sensing what's going on, just for fun, I start breaking his trap and trap over by me, and chain trap from there.

A few pulls later, and otherguy says "who's breaking traps?"

I say "who's pulling blue square?"

Party Leader says "amava=bluesquare".

Otherguy says "but you don't have any points in survival".

I say "lol".

Granted, I'm fine with him on primary trap duty. With the right points in Survival, you can definitely be better off than I am. But don't ignore the party leader. He gives an assignment, either communicate your alternate strategy to the party along with your reason for preferring that plan, or follow instructions.

Ended up being a pretty cool run from that point forward. Standard heroic wipe-fest that pre-kara beauties like me are growing to loathe love.


Pike said...

I've been praying to the hunter gods for a second Beast Lord drop but alas, I haven't gotten one...

Arvelen said...

I think the best bet for Beast Lord gear is running Steamvaults over and over... I've got the two pieces from there, and trying to get the gloves from Shattered halls is like pulling teeth since Bladefist's loot table is so huge. Haven't been through the Mechanar yet though.