Friday, January 11, 2008

Guild Meetin'

We had a guild meeting on wednesday. I don't know what it is, perhaps just being new to larger scale group events, but there's something cool about seeing all the toons show up in the same place. Sure we could just log into the same voice chat channel, but nearly everyone showed up in the digital flesh, and its really fun to see.

First notice was that we're capping recruitment at 100 members. We're at 84 right now, open to lvl 50 and up. Personally, I think that even 100 is a bit high to start off, but I'm encouraged by any down-to-earth limit. Lets prove we can function with one or two teams in 10-man content, and then discuss growth plans from there.

Next order of business, guild ranks. For formal guild leadership, we've got a few different ranks. Supervisor is our name for Guild Master. Assistant Supervisor is what we call Officer. And then Class Captain is what we call our Class Captains, duh. Supervisor oversees the guild and is the final escalation point for any conflicts. There's 1 Supervisor. Assistant Supervisors are for first level conflict resolution, and primarily concerned with Raid Team composition. There's 4 Assistant Supervisors. Class Captains are for discussing the talent builds, equipment, enchants, and abilities of each class. There's 1 of these per class. Over time, we will also name an Arena Coordinator and a BG Coordinator, as interest in those activities grows, but none named as yet.

You can only hold 1 Rank, which really only comes into play on the Assist Supervisor rank, as we've got 1 Warlock ,1 Mage, and 2 Hunters, who are then ineligible to be the Class Captain for their respective classes. I'm not sure how the political aspect will play out in those 3 classes that have overlap, but only time and some runs into Kara will tell.

During the "any other business" section of the meeting, new guy chips in with some idea of professions and that the guild needs only 3 enchanters, 2 jewel crafters, no alchemists, and everyone else should drop one of their profs and take up engineering. In his mind, that's the best way for a guild to work. I wonder if he was drunk or sniffing glue? Or maybe both? Lots of boo's and hiss's kicked him off the stage.

We did a highest-roll-takes-all, 10g to enter, lottery. Fun diversion, with 11 of the players present willing to cough up the dough. The winner bought a round of beer for the party. Pretty simple and silly, and I blew 10 gold, but I do think silly things like that build some team spirit, which is what we need lots more of.

All in all, a well run meeting, with some good information, some healthy communication, and a little bit of fun.

See? I can have a positive attitude :-)

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