Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Yeti Hugger

Over at Girl Meets WoW, there was an article that was a commentary on a post over at Massively, regarding how WoW encourages us to poach beasts for very specific body parts that are valueable to us and discard the rest, which in real life, many (I hope all) of us frown upon these practices.

I hear ya!

That's one of the things I really don't like in WoW. I'll kill all the ogres and defias renegades and murlocs and bog lords you can throw at me. Spiders too. But at least let me stomp the spiders with a giant shoe. Maybe the Booterang from Netherwing.

But the quests that have us grinding away at bears or stags, or lobsters? Granted, the lobsters very often shoot lightning, which makes me much more apt to want to shoot them.

Yetis. I don't like grinding Yetis. There's a strange part of me that thinks that if I ever met Big Foot, I think we'd be friends. He's not all evil, just misunderstood. I don't want to kill 30 of him.

And when I think of the term "grinding yetis" to get stuff they drop, all I can picture is this giant stone mill from olde tyme, with horses pulling ropes to turn gears to spin the yeti grinder, just mashing these poor guys into glue.


But I can live with Ogre glue. Maybe Elmer himself ran an Ogre farm, and that's where his glue comes from.

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